7 Most Broken & Overpowered Characters in MultiVersus

7 Most Broken & Overpowered Characters in MultiVersus ...

MultiVersus, a platform brawler sensation that has gathered what appears to be the whole Steam store, is now available in a "beta" version. Anyone can now download the game and play against other gamers on their favorite characters from all the Warner Brothers IPs.

What is the difference between all of the MultiVersus characters and the ones that aren't? Which ones seem to have an absurdly extensive toolkit, while which ones are simply plain-up unfair? Let's take a look.

7 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, a beloved DC villainess that has become equally as well-known and perhaps even more popular in recent years as the Joker, is a total beast. She has a ton of technical capabilities, including numerous passive burn damage abilities, and general fantastic normals and combo potential.

Harley is a danger from her Aerial Pummeler, her Flying Kicks are one of the greatest approaches in the game, and her Batter Up special is one of the easiest vertical punishes. Her only real downside is the fact that she's an Assassin, which means she can die fairly easily. Nonetheless, Harley is easily one of the best characters in the game at the moment.

6 Steven Universe

Steven Universe is by far the most slept-on character in MultiVersus at the moment. He's the least played, the least understood, yet may have the greatest unique abilities out of anyone.

  • He can give his ally a Shield anywhere on the map, not Armor, but a straight-up Shield that blocks hits entirely.
  • He can place terrain on the map in the form of his vertical and horizontal shields
  • He can summon an AI ally with his Watermelon Steven (and heal himself while it's spawning)
  • He can attach a "Steven Bomb" to his ally that explodes automatically after a second, dealing heavy damage to anyone near Steven, his ally, or on top of the line connecting the two of them.
  • He can give his teammate Armor by using his "Pop!" Neutral Air on top of them or by throwing his Shield Wall Special through them.

Steven also has Peach's float mechanic from the Smash Bros games (not to overstate the two too much), as well as his whole Rose's Gaze Debuff mechanic. The only thing this kid has trouble with is getting people to actually play him.

5 Tom & Jerry

Tom and Jerry are by far the most inventive fighting game characters out there right now. The fact that almost all of their attacks involve Tom following or attempting to assault Jerry in some way, and their opponent just happens to be in the middle of them, makes it all the more remarkable.

Tom and Jerry are just two of the best characters in MultiVersus. That said, they're also the most technological, requiring anyone who controls them to be acutely aware of where Jerry is at all times, what he's doing, and how Tom should respond.

4 Finn

Finn is gaining traction right now for three reasons: one, he is currently part of the free character rotation, so he's super accessible. Two, everyone loves Adventure Time! Finn's Shop mechanic is both creative and helpful, and he's an Assassin, so he racks up damage crazy fast.

Finn is one of the few games that can reliably hit fully-charged swings due to his ability to move while using his Charge Attacks. Of course, his Up+Special, Backpack Attack, is equally as absurd as others claim it is.

3 Superman

Superman, the Last Son of Krypton, is as powerful as one might expect one of the game's most broken superheroes to be. For one, Superman is the second heaviest character behind the Iron Giant, so he's incredibly difficult to Ring Out. Two, he has a ton of Armored Attacks that enable him to finish his swing uninterrupted, despite being hit during the wind-up.

Three, Superman has a slew of weapons to use in any situation. Ice Breath for missiles, Heat Vision for spacing, a command grab in the form of his Ten-Ton Tackle for air control, and a directional throw with his Go Long Aerial Up+Special for low percentage kill confirm.

2 Shaggy

Shaggy and Taz were originally meant to be compressed into one, but Taz has now taken center stage, as a result of the developers' decision to use them with all of the other fighters. He's pretty straightforward, has reliable and predictable normals, and has his Rage mechanic.

Shaggy is an absolute powerhouse for beginners as well as experienced MultiVersus pros because of his simplicity. His moves all come out consistently, they land where they should, and they usually outperform other moves in terms of reach.

1 Reindog

And, of course, let's talk about MultiVersus' own original character, Reindog! Reindog is, first of all, a charming guy, but he's also a beast of a fighter. He has a ton of different weapons to help his allies, including his Love Leash, his Power Crystal, and his own body that his allies can throw at his Flying Floof Special.

Reindog is a Support, but his playstyle is much more similar to the two Mage Class characters, as he is able to keep his distance and pepper opponents with projectiles and status effects, but also send them flying off-screen with Normal Attacks if they do get close. The only real drawback is that he performs much more poorly in 1v1 (as he should) than in Team games.

MultiVersus is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.