The Studio of Dr Disrespect Reveals The Upcoming 'VES' Game's Official Title

The Studio of Dr Disrespect Reveals The Upcoming 'VES' Game's Official Title ...

Dr Disrespect worked on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare before becoming a full-time streamer. This gave him more weight than most, particularly when he critiqued certain aspects of games, even through his over-the-top persona.

Midnight Society is developing an NFT-based game that will allow for community input at every level. The idea is ambitious, although occasionally the project has gotten into trouble as a result. Now, Midnight Society has released a few details.

Midnight Society and its supporters have released a few clips of gameplay, based on about 6 months of work on the title.

DEADROP's gritty, pseudo-futuristic world is shown in this short video. Darren Beacon stated that this gritty, cyberpunk-like setting is connected to ideas of what the future might be like in the 1980s and 1990s, and it's noteworthy that players will play the roles of Variants, not to be confused with Marvel's concept in the Multiverse.

Midnight Society intends to provide a monthly update to followers and those who sign up to support the game, collecting tons of information that will likely influence the game's direction and design. It isn't clear whether or not Midnight Society is taking him away from his YouTube streaming schedule, as fans know where to find him playing other shooters and, perhaps, his own live.

DEADROP is currently in the works.