Someones remaking COD Zombies in Halo Infinite Forge has leaks

Someones remaking COD Zombies in Halo Infinite Forge has leaks ...

Thanks to a recent Halo Infinite Forge leak, the latest Halo game's map and modding creation kit is at least partially available, and modders are already working on some fantastic games, including a remake of the popular Call of Duty: Zombies mode.

Players immediately noticed that some details about the Forge map creator were concealed in the new Steam build, and that they could even access Forge completely.

The community has already begun making some cool creations particularly in the horror game genre, with usersHelioskrubis and Call of Duty: Zombies.

Helioskrub has already created convincing and fully-functioning Halo models, such as interactive window barriers, a pack-a-punch machine, and a mysterious weapon box. Simply add some zombies or a Flood Firefight mode and you'll have a perfect Call of Duty: Zombies remake.

Silent Hill and Warzone Zombies arent the only frightening games that are getting the Forge treatment, either, as creator EliteFalcon has been busy making Halo Infinite remakes of Resident Evil and Alien Isolation. They even have their own version of COD Zombies.

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The release date for Halo Infinite Forge may be postponed until Season 3, which should be released later in 2022, so there is not much to wait for. If these creations happen with just a basic leaked version of Forge, imagine what will happen once the community has full access to the game.