At Lollapalooza, Joseph Quinn met Eddie Munsons Heroes Metallica

At Lollapalooza, Joseph Quinn met Eddie Munsons Heroes Metallica ...

Following the launch of the Stranger Things Season 4 premiere on July 28, fans saw Eddie Munson rocking onstage with his heroes, the metal legends Metallica, at Lollapalooza. The following day, Netflix released footage of Joseph Quinn outfitted with a backstage pass and meeting those very same legends, and honestly, it was hard to tell who was more starry-eyed.

Quinn, who plays Eddie Munson in Stranger Things Season 4, was invited backstage to officially greet the Metallica members. Though the epochal scene may have been a long time coming, Metallica has publicly praised Quinn's performance and paid tribute to his solo rendition on the bands TikTok account. Still, each iconic celebrity under the tent that afternoon at Lollapalooza had stars in their eyes as they shook hands and fangirled.

Quinn asks them whether they've been fans of Stranger Things since the first season, and James Hetfield admits he's been a huge fan of the show since the first season, and before Quinn can say Hail Vecna he's been invited to jam out with one of the pioneering thrash metal bands, Lars Ulrich. By the end of their first-ever practice session Ulrich declares Metallica a five-piece.

Fans realise that they were witnessing Eddie Munsons' literal dream come true when the band releases an electric guitar. In 1986, when Stranger Things takes place, Metallica was still in their early years, every bit as significant but not quite as well-known just yet. His fingers must have bled to learn that solo in, as a fun fact, just months after it was released.

The whole band signing the guitar, and, as Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) exclaims in the show, it was "the most metal ever!" We can't wait to see Quinn tour with them again in the future. Check out the Lollapalooza video and the scene from the show below: