The actors of Bullet Train teach us about Thomas the Tank Engine

The actors of Bullet Train teach us about Thomas the Tank Engine ...

Bullet Train (slight) spoilers follow.

Bullet Train will be released in cinemas in the next few days, bringing together a stellar cast for an all-out action ride on a speeding locomotive.

Bullet Train pays homage to that enormous train-related franchise that has been going for over 80 years (thanks in part to game modders and that theme tune) and that's why every character is compared to someone from Thomas the Tank Engine.

The cast and crew discuss how Thomas has influenced their lives beyond the film, from statements to life lessons.

Joey King replied, "I think Lemon is correct." "I think Thomas is a fantastic way to describe how to read people. Actually, in my life, I have used the words: 'No, they're a Diesel' so many times since making this film."

Aaron Taylor-Johnson referred to his life lesson as "Keep moving forward, stay on schedule," according to Tyree Henry, who added: "Shoot first, ask questions later, that's Thomas right? Do unto others as you would have, that's the Bible."

Brad Pitt, Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Shannon, rapper Bad Bunny, Zazie Beetz, Karen Fukuhara, Logan Lerman, Masi Oka, and Sandra Bullock all played in the ensemble cast of Bullet Train, while Deadpool 2 director David Leitch was behind the camera.

The plot centers on a speeding train from Tokyo to Kyoto containing a group of hitmen and assassins. As you might expect, things get pretty messy pretty quickly.

Bullet Train will be released in UK cinemas on August 3 and on August 5 in US cinemas.

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