The James Gunn MCU Joke That Had to Be Removed from Season 3 of Harley Quinn

The James Gunn MCU Joke That Had to Be Removed from Season 3 of Harley Quinn ...

This Harley Quinn article contains spoilers.

Harley Quinn has long been the silliest of meta-superhero shows. In the show's triumphant season three premiere, it takes its self-referential humor to the next level. Director James Gunn introduces

While Harley and Ivy are adjusting to their new relationship status, Clayface is still pursuing his ambition as an actor. Although he does not impress Gunn with his acting, he impresses the director with his abilities as a chair. However, showrunners Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker revealed that there was a version of the joke that did not make it into the show.

The gag was a funny one and would have been a part of the chair sequence we saw on this weeks premiere. It was James Gunn sitting on Clayface, who had changed into a massage chair. Clayface is trying to impress James Gunn, and that's how he does it, according to Schumacker.

Why would that have to be canceled, and how would Harley Quinn have to restructure the MCU? Clayface responds and James Gunn says, It's like Thanos snapped and I can feel my anus again. And then Clayface says, Whos Thanos? and then were out, he laughs.

The gag fits in nicely with Harley Quinn's cheeky humor and would have gotten fans talking, but eventually the crew realized it was too much to bear. We were like, This is the world, we don't want to acknowledge that there is an MCU in the DCU.'

So there you have it, the James Gunn/ Harley Quinn ThAnus joke that might have gone viral.

The showrunners also told us what to expect from Harlivy in the following episodes, saying, "This drum that we keep banging on now is that they are a couple, and as long as they were in charge of the show they will never break up." But that doesnt mean the writers will provide challenges that Harley and Ivy will face throughout the season. They will go through a slew of difficulties this season.

Season 3 episodes 1-3 of Harley Quinn are now on HBO Max.