Joel Kinnaman is the performer of the week

Joel Kinnaman is the performer of the week ...

Joel Kinnaman, THE PERFORMER


THE EPISODE |The Sands of Ares (July 29, 2022)

IN THIS WEB SITE | Commander Ed Baldwin's experience as buried underground on Mars led to an investigation of thoughts for him, and throughout the terrifying ordeal, his portrayer Joel Kinnaman caught our attention in a series of increasingly intense scenes.

Following a devastating flood, Ed woke up to discover his surrogate son and fellow astronaut Danny tending to Eds abdominal wound. Eds pain literally pierced the screen through Kinnamans labored pants and clipped curses.

Kinnaman's face was a picture of steely denial and desperation as Ed refused to accept Danny's horrible words. He began to cry out loud with each repetition, revealing how he was treated.

Kinnaman's surprising and unexpected performance throughout this episode demonstrated that the astronaut has come a long way in his own development.

HONORABLE MENTION | We've grown used to Neil Patrick Harris laughing on TV, but we were surprised at how hard he tugged on our heartsstrings with the premiere of Uncoupled. As Michael, a newly married gay man in his 40s, Harris can still deliver a quippy punchline as effortlessly as he did during How I Met Your Mothers heyday. But he also tapped into an unexpectedly powerful level of hurt when he had to pay tribute to Colin just moments after Colin

HONORABLE MENTION | Westworlds Ed Harris had a lot to play with this week, as host William alternately flexed his power and admitted to having own doubts. (We, my friend, are not in the group you think you are, and you, my friend, are not in the group you think you are), William taunted the man. After that, Harris later enjoyed a wonderful two-hander with Tessa Thompsons bored god, and then one with himself, who roar

Ron Funches holds his ground thanks to his excellent comedic timing. From his narrator's desire to keep his bike helmet in the work fridge (so it's cold when he's not wearing it!) to his untimely quip at a gathering (Is that what you're wearing? ), we too, are fortunate to have his portrayer on our screens.

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