What is Section 9 in Ghost In The Shell?

What is Section 9 in Ghost In The Shell? ...

Major Motoko Kusanagi is one of the most well-known characters to grace the anime world. From her appearance to how she conducts herself in the series, everything about her is so memorable. Other characters from the series are as well, such as Batou the gentle giant and Togusa the natural.

The story does a fantastic job of delivering well-rounded characters who are so alive. From the motivation for their actions to their opinions on the world, each of them is so different from the other. The one thing that they all have in common is the fact that they are all part of the same team, Section 9. But what is Section 9? So, here is my summary of the anime adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, which I hope will be extended to other anime shows and series.

What is Section 9?

Public Security Section 9, also known as Section 9, is an independent task force that is specialized in cyber warfare and anti-terrorism. Although they are part of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Section 9 has the highest authority and independence.

Section 9 is named because it is the ninth division of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Each section has its own function, such as Section 1 which is responsible for the majority of criminal investigations within Japan, Section 4, which is a special military unit that has a connection to the Ministry of Defense, or Section 6, which is specialized in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

Daisuke Aramaki, a middle-aged man known by Batou as an ape-face old man, is the one who proposed an independent task force that could be immediately deployed without having to deal with any kinds of bureaucracy.

Major Motoko Kusanagi presented this concept to Aramaki, and she chose the members according to her own criteria. Section 9 has become something of a legend among law enforcement professionals due to the fact that they have only seven members, including Aramaki, and because they are more difficult to keep their movements quiet.

The Formation of Section 9

The formation of Section 9 is the main plot of the Ghost in the Shell: Arise anime and OVA series, as well as its 2015 film. So for this section, we will focus on the Arise anime.

Major Motoko Kusanagi, who served as an elite 501 unit in the military, offers her a chance to leave the military and become an independent person, as mentioned above. The way to do that is by creating a special task force that can handle all boring politics and act independently whenever the need arises.

The Major is very interested in this possibility, although she is not particularly interested in working for Section 9. She will still form her own task force, but she wants to remain independent. This is why she will work with Aramaki on a consultant/independent contractor basis. In exchange for their services and expertise, the team will receive a certain budget to meet their needs, good maintenance for every member, and high-level access to every intelligence.

She wants to create a task force that focuses on Cyber warfare and anti-terrorism. This means choosing members who are not only exceptional at armed combat, but also competent at Cyber assault. This is why most of the members of the task force are former military personnel. This special task force is independent for quite a long time until Kusanagi finally realizes that joining Section 9 is beneficial.

One reason is because she appreciates Aramaki's ability and unwavering sense of justice. The other reason is because she needs a structure or someone who can keep her grounded. Because there are times when she is so obsessed with getting the job done that she ended up working outside the law. And that leads to a myriad of bad decisions that harm other people around her.

The Members of Section 9

In several anime series, the members of Section 9 are somewhat different, such as the Stand-Alone Complex, which add several additional members beyond the ones that Kusanagi recruits at the beginning. However, this section will only focus on the 8 original members of Section 9.

  • Daisuke Aramaki. The chief of Section 9. He is the one that decides what operation that the team will work on. He is also the one that has to meet with the higher ups, or even the government politicians when needed.
  • Motoko Kusanagi. The field commander. She is the one that decides which members work on which task. She is also the teams best hacker and a world-class expert in Cyber warfare.
  • Batou. The lead investigator. He possesses both the brain and the brawl that can help with both investigation or open combat situations. The only one who has a full cybernetics body on the team, other than the Major.
  • Togusa. Investigator. A former police detective who has a very sharp intuition and often comes up with great insights on every investigation. Other than his CyberBrain, he hasnt undergone any kind of cyber enhancement.
  • Ishikawa. Covert Intelligence and Technology Executive Officer. A former soldier and highly-skilled intelligence operator that can find information on almost anything. He is also quite capable in combat. Though not as natural as Togusa, he still has a low prosthetic percentage in his body.
  • Paz. Investigator. A former military personnel that is highly adept at undercover/spy work. He is also a proficient blade user. He has a low prosthetic percentage as well.
  • Borma. Spotter, Investigator, Bomb Specialist. A former soldier who often acts as support during combat. On his own, he is a very capable investigator and an exceptional bomb specialist. He has a nearly full cybernetics body.
  • Saito. Tactical Sniper. A former soldier and a world-class sniper. He can act both as a support during combat or as an assassin. His main cybernetics part is his left eye. But he started to add some prosthetics due to the injury that he suffers during work.

The majority of Section 9 field members are former military personnel who use cybernetic limbs. This is because Kusanagi believes the team needs variations and flexibility. After all, a family man with a natural body perceives the world differently than a bunch of high-functioning cybernetic soldiers. And that different perspective is extremely important to the Major.