No one expected GTA Online's next mission to be so terrifying

No one expected GTA Online's next mission to be so terrifying ...

Rockstar released a massive free update for Grand Theft Auto Online earlier this week. The update also included a number of new missions involving hidden government operations and conspiracies, and this new campaign concludes with what is likely to be GTA Online's creepiest mission ever, unsurprised many players.

Criminal Enterprises, GTA Online's latest update, is a major upgrade that helps make the game feel more modern while making it easier (and more fun) to earn in-game cash. It even improved the legendary OP jetbike and allowed for a casino run, but it was only a minor flaw in an otherwise excellent patch.

A new campaign has been added that consists of a few missions involving the IAA (GTAs version of the CIA) attempting to stop a wealthy family from controlling the planet's oil prices. Don't give them too much credit, as they want to control prices themselves.

What I and many others did not expect was for this spy-themed thriller full of car chases and shootouts to conclude with a frightening and terrifying horror-game-like mission. So here's your spoiler warning!

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The IAA takes you to a bunker last seen in the Doomsday Heist update. It turns out that the super AI developed and housed here wasnt completely destroyed by authorities back when you raided the place. (Just nod your head and pretend this makes sense) Inside the bunker, the power is out, and hidden in hallways and around corners are sleeping robots with human faces. These are the juggernauts from Doomsday, and they were sent here to hibernate because apparently

These slumbering hulks seem to breathe, or at least make a sound that sounds like breathing. They will occasionally make other sounds and even twitch as you walk around in the dark, relying on a flashlight. I swear one of them moved when I wasnt looking. They were also placed in specific spots where youll encounter them or will hear them as you explore elsewhere, looking for fuses to reset the power.

After skulking by all of those creepy robot bastards for 20 minutes or so in the dark, you know how many are waiting, and how long it takes to escape the bunker. Fortunately, I had my giant Gatling laser gun with me and completed the mission.

Other players who entered the final mission had no clue what to expect and many have shared online about how agonizing the night was, with one player stating they'd had trouble sleeping because to the fear that touch would activate the nasty buggers.

I love when Rockstar does GTA Online missions and gets creative. It's a bit boring to drive around and just shoot a few people, but it's also a great way to keep the game fresh after all these years.