Are You Afraid Of The Dark? 7 Scariest Monsters & Villains

Are You Afraid Of The Dark? 7 Scariest Monsters & Villains ...

Are You Afraid of the Dark? was a smash hit television program that ran for over 100 episodes and provided the first clue to kids' first experiences with horror. Back in the day, the program offered many new ideas that terrified children so much that they couldn't sleep.

AreYou Afraid of the Dark? had many monsters and villains that stood out and still give viewers the creeps to this day.

7 The Dark Lady

Marybeth discovers a pair of specs that have magic dust sprinkled all over them, allowing her to glimpse another dimension. What begins as an exciting adventure turns into an extremely terrifying encounter as Marybeth begins to be stalked by a group dressed entirely in black.

The tale crescendos into cosmic proportions as the dark lady and her minions turn out to be beings from another cosmic universe that wish to enter the human one. Marybeth and some others are caught in a crystal ball as the creatures from another world follow her. Strange cryptids and beings who follow her victims

6 The Frozen Ghost

The frozen ghost demonstrates that the right mood can be all that a horror story requires, with its frequent repetition of Im Cold sending chills down one's spine.

The ending to the story (the ghost kid needed something warm!) is still a heartbreaking one.

5 The Blank-Faced Aliens

Something about unwitting creatures is terrifying. That's why Slender Man was such a popular cult hit when he first made his rounds. Karin and Billy meet some new neighbors downstairs and introduce themselves as owners of a toy company (a major red flag).

From the strange static TV messages to sets that look completely bonkers, the whole episode has a strange premise. What becomes terrifying is that the new neighbors reveal themselves as aliens that have no facial features at all, something that scares the kids (and audience) in the process. However, the ending with Karin appearing exactly like one of the aliens is enough to make viewers sleep with their tin foil hats on.

4 Zeebo The Clown

Zeebo is a comedian who never stalks or chases his victims, but instead manifests his presence through smoke, phone calls, and other nonconfrontational methods.

Josh is the kid who refuses to give the last laugh. After being dared to take Zeebos nose, the kid soon begins to regret his decision. Zeebo terrorizes the guy night and day by exploiting ambiguity.

3 Nosferatu

The Midnight Madness tale also incorporated a recurring character - Dr. Vink, a mad scientist who would appear in different roles throughout the series. When the Rialto, an old-fashioned movie theater closes down, Dr. Vink feels like he has a little trick to play since he initially worked as a movie director.

This little present left behind is nothing less than a classic vampire in the same form as the original Nosferatu. Although generations have passed, something about the original way vampires looked still sends a ripple of fear down the spine from the vampires' sunken eyes and frightening long nails (not to mention the creepy teeth).

2 The Corpse

When it came to the most terrifying, this creature haunts the local school pool, drowning unsuspecting souls that are just taking a dip. The episode has a great buildup and payoff as a bunch of kids try their best to shake off and destroy the ghoul.

Everything about the corpses' design is jarring, from its supposedly horrible smell to the bloodied hair that's covering its skull. This monster made children look twice at the bottom of the pool before jumping in.

1 The Evil Demon

The Evil demon may not initially scare everyone, but it certainly should. This guy is a creature beyond time and space that wished for nothing more than to terrorize its victims to death and gather their bodies. The demon was also able to disguise itself, including that of a young Victorian kid, to induce victims to a false sense of security.

Everything about the evil demon is horrifying, drawing on popular devious demons such as Lovecrafts Nyarlathotep, a monster with a thousand forms and manifestations, or Gaunter ODimm from the Witcherfranchise. Nobody wants to draw their attention to such a creature, and collecting souls is a terrifying thought.