Due to a wave of threats and harassment, Bungie claims that it is less likely to talk to Destiny 2 fans

Due to a wave of threats and harassment, Bungie claims that it is less likely to talk to Destiny 2 f ...

Bungie, the creator of Destiny 2, is reducing his ability to direct communicate with fans on social media and websites like Reddit, citing an increase in harassment and real threats against our people and our studio in recent months.

A Reddit user named TheMediocreThor posted on the Destiny subreddit on Tuesday, claiming that they missed how often Bungie developers used to respond to player comments and support. After another user claimed it was due to recent harassment like when Destiny 2 members kicked a developer off Twitter for revealing a beloved Exotic wouldn't be returning and another fan disagreed, Destiny community manager Dylan dmg04 Gafner chime in to set the record straight.

Gafner says the harassment we have encountered isn't limited to rude replies on Twitter or vague comments; there have been real threats to our staff and our studio. Were responding appropriately, which has resulted in a lot of lost communication as the team considers future safeguards or strategies to help avoid this sort of thing.

Gafner is currently taking a break from the studio, partly due to the harassment fans have shown toward him and his family. He said that well-behaved fans should not treat this as a breach, and that the studio is constantly striving to ensure the safety of its employees. In the future, the team is exploring other ways to communicate with players, such as by ensuring that his fellow Bungie developers are still reading and responding to feedback on forums and the subreddit, or that they are just not openly responding to

Gafner's remarks come just a few weeks after Bungie filed a lawsuit against a streamer that threatened to demolish Bungie's headquarters after receiving numerous bans for cheating.

We have reached out to Bungie for an official statement on the studios' reduced communication due to player threats, and we'll update this article when the company responds.