According to the collector, $500K worth of Pokemon cards were taken

According to the collector, $500K worth of Pokemon cards were taken ...

Because a true Pokemon heist occurred two weeks ago in South Carolina, it's time to track down Team Rocket.

According to the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office, about $200,000 worth of Pokemon cards were taken from a South Carolina house in mid-July. Christopher Polydorou of Inman, S.C., reported the theft on July 13.

The Smoking Gun spoke with Polydorou, who claimed that the stolen items were valued at more than $500,000. However, in an email to Polygon, a sheriff's office spoke up and stated that their actual value was $200,000.

According to deputies, the cards were valued at over half a billion dollars in the original report.

Polydorou claimed that his mother and some HVAC repairmen had been the only persons who had been in the same room as the stolen cards since October 2021. In his book, Polydorou said the cards were kept in his 6,800 square feet home among other collectibles, such as baseball, football, and basketball records.

Polydorou told The Smoking Gun that he bought the cards in 2014 for $431,000. Each box supposedly contained three unopened cards, each with 24 packs of cards each. (The police report said one and a half boxes were stolen.)

Polygon reached out to Polydorou and the Spartanburg County Sheriff's office for further information on the stolen items.

Rare Pokemon cards can sell for a lot of money these days, and it is no secret that collecting the most valuable cards is a lucrative and costly hobby, some of which have sold for as much as $900,000.

If the pilfered Pokemon does not turn up, Polydorou, an insurance broker, says the cards are uninsured. Hell swallow the loss.