In Find the Markers, how do I find the Glitch Marker?

In Find the Markers, how do I find the Glitch Marker? ...

Find the Markers is a huge Roblox find the passion challenge. Passionate completionists will find satisfaction with the abundance of easy and difficult ones to obtain. However, there are others that are more difficult to find.

Roblox's Glitch Marker How To Get the Markers Find the Markers

This creepy marker is hidden away off the map. There is only one way to get to the tiny pocket dimension this marker hides in, and you must enter the empty space at a very specific point.

First, you must go to the top of the mountain. The summit is at the edge of the main map, but it is visible.

A set of bones and a ladder will hang up from the base of the mountain. Instead, climb the ladder down, identifiable by the green grass and the other set of bones on the top. Do not climb the ladder.

Instead, go to the very edge of the platform, like this:

The view may be dimmed, but there is a hidden platform in the distance. It will be clearer in the game. Follow the steps until you reach the end. Now, you must take the leap of faith.

But before you do that, zoom out and look down to find the red square. It's important to aim for it. It may take a few attempts. You'll be teleported to the glitched pocket dimension when you've hit it.

Suddenly, you will be caught in an obscenity. It's simple enough to complete.

With the evil Glitch Marker, you'll be teleported to another room, with the other end of the platform. You must touch it to retrieve it before you're able to snooze.

The Roblox Find the Markers' exhaustive guide to the insane Glitch Marker has been presented. Keep an eye on the Gamer Journalist for more Roblox content!