Explained: "Dail By Daylight Boil Over Perk"

Explained: "Dail By Daylight Boil Over Perk" ...

The Boil Over Perk is one of Kate Denson's unique abilities in Dead By Daylight. It allows the Killer to wiggle free from the Killer's Grasp and makes the Killer incapable of seeing Hooks in a 16 meter range, similar to how Balanced Landing works.

In Dead By Daylight, the Boil Over Perk does something different.

The Struggle Effects of the Perk are increased by 60/70/80% when equipped, but the other effects will remain the same throughout the different Tiers. Additionally, the Auras of Hooks around the Killer are obscured from them up to 16 meters. The Wiggle Meter will be filled by 33% when the Killer drops from a high height.

What Benefits from Boil Over in Dead By Daylight

Any Perks that help with the Wiggle Meter have a lot of value in synergy with Boil Over. A Build with Flip-Flop will increase the Wiggle Meter based on how much a Survivor has recovered from the Dying State. Unbreakable also allows Survivors to pick themselves up once per match when recovering completely. Tenacity will allow players to crawl and recover quite easily.

Iron Grasp, the Killer Perk, will normally limit how much Wiggling a Survivor can be, but Boil Over will be able to recognize this when a Survivor has Boil Over as it will be placed by their Perk icons. While Killers will be able to see them during the pick up animation.