A Real Housewife is dating a younger reality star

A Real Housewife is dating a younger reality star ...

A Real Housewives star is in a new relationship.

Sheree Whitfield, the star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, has been dating Martell Holt from Love & Marriage Huntsville for about two months. Whitfield stated that she met Holt through a mutual friend and that he has already met some of the people closest to her.

Whitfield responded when asked if she was just having fun or if she sees something long-term with Holt. However, she did state that she will not be reuniting with her ex, Tyrone Gilliam.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Whitfields ex-boyfriend was sentenced to eight years in prison.

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Whitfield, 52, had a long, tense connection with Gilliam, who was imprisoned in 2011. According to court filings, he was suspected of committed wire fraud, a charge that would put him in jail.

Gilliam was sentenced to ten years in prison but was released early. He then went to live in a halfway house in Philadelphia where he reconnected with Whitfield. According to TMZ, the two had dated before he was arrested, but he separated himself ahead of his court drama.

Whitfield went to Philly to see Gilliam and he ghosted her for a few months.

Tyrone left me in a city that Im unfamiliar with, according to Bustle, not a text, not a call. She said that when Gilliam called her back, he didnt mention standing her up at all.

Babe, please explain. Something. So I said, Hey, let me call you back, and I just never called back,' she said.

Holt Is 12 Years Younger Than Whitfield

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Holt is well-known for his reality television show Love & Marriage Huntsville, which airs on OWN. According to the show's description on the OWN website, the show focuses on three high-powered African-American couples who work together in an effort to revitalize Huntsville, Alabama.

The couple are long-time friends and avid socialites who have strong personalities and viewpoints, each facing the realities of love and marriage while wanting to make this enormous undertaking a success. Along the way there will be laughter, tears, heated arguments, and even a wedding, according to the excerpt.

Holt and Melody are no longer married. According to People magazine, their 13-year marriage was ended in 2021, and they have shared custody of their four young children.

Holt appears to be moving on, but his ex seems to be focused on her kids and her career and appears to be no longer in any rush to find a new partner.

Honestly, I am afraid to date. In March 2022, she told People that it's so important to make sure who you're attached to is where they need to be spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.