Why are so many new residents in Greys Anatomy season 19?

Why are so many new residents in Greys Anatomy season 19? ...

The ABC medical drama is betting big on surgical residents, and we've seen a lot of castings over the past several days. Reignalum Adelaide Kane andShadowhuntersactor Harry Shum Jr.

What does our main takeaway from this? Mostly, it's the fact that Greysis is continuing to evolve, and that they feel a real need to keep the cycle going. At the end of season 18, we were even certain there would be new residents, and that put a lot of the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in a position where they'd have to start from scratch. Also, Miranda Bailey has resigned from her job!

Given the ability of several of these actors, it is reasonable to assume that they will receive a fair amount of screen time. The new season could be a juggling act more than ever between all of the different characters. It's also possible that some others may not be back right away. Were particularly concerned about Teddy and Owen's future, given that law enforcement is typically not something you recover from immediately.

Greys Anatomyseason 19 will be released on ABC this October, and we were certain that at some point prior to that, we might get some more information. For the time being, though, we were left to only speculate.

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