Matt Czuchry's photo: The Resident season 6 is underway!

Matt Czuchry's photo: The Resident season 6 is underway! ...

We are another step closer to getting the latest batch of episodes on Fox this autumn! Weve got a new behind-the-scenes photo to show you how to film it!

If you watch the video below, you can see Matt Czuchry (Conrad) and Manish Dayal (Devon) back on set for the upcoming season of the show. Naturally, surprises are planned.

What will happen from here? While it might not be addressed in the first minutes of the premiere, we tend to think that the writers will allow us to see Conrad develop who he wants to be with long-term: Cade or Billie. This isnt a scenario where the person hedoesntchoose disappears completely into the background, since both characters are going to be around for the majority of the season at least, so this is a chance to examine what it means to be

The Residentseason 6 trailer would be released in the near future, but you'll likely be waiting for a while. At the moment, the earliest we're expecting is sometime in late August or early September.

Is TheResident Season 6 Back on Track?

FOX (@FOXTV) will air on July 27, 2022.