A player in Apex Legends flies opponents around with Ash Portal

A player in Apex Legends flies opponents around with Ash Portal ...

Portals are not new to the Apex Legends meta, and fans have used them in several ways throughout the years. For example, Wraith's portal allows her to 'kidnap' opponents and bring them back to their teammates. Arguably, Wraith's portal can be used more creatively than Ash's.

Wraith's portal is billed as a way to sneak around enemies, get better locations, and sometimes get out of bad situations. Ash's portal is much more powerful, shooting Ash and those who follow straight forward to a location. This allows her to close the distance or shoot out of a bad fight quickly, but not often as creatively, as Wraith.

Lexivo, a redditor, posted a clip of their playing Ash in a Fragment firefight. Their squadmate had died, and it was a 1v2 situation. Without much assistance, Ash used her portal and zipped into the lava nearby, killing both enemies immediately.

In the above video, the announcer can be seen revealing that one of the other players was the kill leader. Of course, the Ash received no credit for the kill, but they baited the aggressive kill leader into lava and still received the notification, which in and of itself is quite humorous in Apex Legends. Being on the other end of this portal bait might not have been as funny.

In the Apex Legends community, things like this happen all the time, and will continue to happen for some time. Regardless of what changes it brings to the game, players will continue to experiment with their legends, even if that results in fewer laughs.

Apex Legends is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.