The Blood Hunter Class in Dungeons and Dragons 6E Will Be Featured?

The Blood Hunter Class in Dungeons and Dragons 6E Will Be Featured? ...

Players have an incredible amount of freedom to make their own characters, and DMs have plenty of flexibility to create adventures. However, sometimes fan material in the form of D&D's homebrews can make enough of an impact to justify exploring them in the future 6th Edition.

The Blood Hunter is a new homebrew that has increased in popularity among players since it was first introduced in the Dungeons & Dragons series' Critical Role. The unique Hemocraft abilities combined with some enhanced fighting abilities gives a game that would be beneficial to include in the official rules as Wizards of the Coast continues to develop the next version of D&D.

The Powerful Blood Hunter

The most impressive aspect of the Blood Hunter is the class' Hemocraft abilities, which took the form of a spell that allows players to cast powerful blood curses that can have a variety of effects, including boosting resistances following a kill. Each of these can also be enhanced by the homebrew class.

A Blood Hunter is given the chance to pick their subclass at the 3rd level, which are presented as one of four major Blood Hunt Orders. Each of these orders offers unique features, such as expanding the use of blood curses or introducing powerful mutagens to the player's arsenal. The Order of the Profane Soul is one of the more unique subclasses, due to its special spell slot synergy with D&D's Warlock class.

Why Should the Blood Hunter Be Included in Dungeons & Dragons?

From reaching out to the fan community of shows like Critical Role to extending a connection between developer and player, Wizards of the Coast might take the Blood Hunter for granted. One of the greatest advantages of multiclassing is its ability to add a level of complexity to character creation that isn't often seen in other classes.

The depth of blood curses and mutagens that can add to specific types of fighting might provide a strong inspiration for other features that would separate the base classes from the rest of the Dungeons & Dragons class. It's a newly balanced character type that would make a welcome addition to the existing classes.

Setting a Precedent on Community Content

The adoption of this community-built class would help bridge the gap between developers and players, as well as increasing the degree of transparency between fans and Wizards of the Coast.

The ability to include community feedback and input into the core game, especially as many campaigns already depend on individual players, might help keep the tabletop game a popular destination for many players.

Dungeons & Dragons 6E is currently being developed.