In the action-packed 'All-Out Avengers' trailer, Captain Marvel is a formidable foe

In the action-packed 'All-Out Avengers' trailer, Captain Marvel is a formidable foe ...

All-Out Avengers, an upcoming Avengers comic-book run that is expected to be one of the heroes' "most pulse-pounding adventures to date," has released a brand-new trailer and cover art. Along with this, it was also revealed that the first issue of the comic will be released this year on September 7.

Captain America, Blade, Spider-Man, Doctor Doom, and others will be joined in this new Marvel series by new villain Queen Arrok. The new teaser shown at SDCC gives readers a sneak peek at the adventures of the series' opponents.

Award-winning novelist Derek Landy (Skulduggery Pleasant) will direct the artwork, while acclaimed comic artist Greg Land (X-Men: Unlimited) will direct the artwork. Other members of the team that are working on All-Out Avengers include Inks being done by Jay Leisten and colors being done by Frank D'Armata.

Landy and artist Land provided several key statements about the new ongoing series and the uniqueness of it for Marvel Comics. I needed to be able to convey what everyone expected, while also finding a way to keep the reader engaged from issue to issue... Adding to this, Land continued to state that he knew from the first reading of Landy's script that the story would be both interesting and challenging.

Derek's script for #1 was destined to be a challenging and enjoyable project. All of the scripts so far have been filled with interesting and cool scenes for our changing roster of Avengers. Keeping each issue in the middle of the action is a fantastic storytelling tool that keeps us off from the start. (pun intended).

Issue #1 of All-Out Avengers is scheduled to be released on September 9: Check out the new trailer and cover art created by Land and DArmata for the upcoming comic rundown: