Where's Deku in My Hero Academia 359?

Where's Deku in My Hero Academia 359? ...

The following are spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 359, "Place of Learning," by Kohei Horikoshi, available from Viz Media in English.

Bakugou is by far the most popular character in the My Hero Academia fandom in Japan. He has had some of the most profound moments of growth and development within the series. The only thing he has lacking so far is a fight where he can go all out against an opponent who does the same.

Bakugou has shown his strength both as a combatant and as a character. His enraged yelling at Miruko is comical, and his immense mobility and strength as a man and his willingness to uphold both All For One and Shigiraki's ideals and beliefs are inspiring.

All In This Together

The chapter of My Hero Academia begins with a scene of the support students continuing to construct repairs on the floating facility from underground. They say the base is falling because it cannot support the growing body of Shigirakis. As that happens, a business student is shown recording the battle and providing commentary.

They explain why he was even there by another support student, because keeping a record of the heroes' victories is so crucial to the world's interest in knowing how they all achieved victory today. After which Horikoshi paints some stunning paintings of Bakugo's massive explosion, and we see him do another incredible double-page panel.

Eraserhead warns Monoma not to blink for a second, and Yaoyorozu can even sense the explosion from beneath the stadium. Immediately she realizes that it's Bakugo too. Similar to the time Bakugou fought Deku the first time, it shows everyone reacting to Bakugous explosions.

Kaminari assures them that he always puts effort and care into his actions, even if it appeared like he was aiming to kill him, unlike Shigiraki/All For One, who confirms this moment when he compliments Bakugo on condensing his blast to reduce the extent of the damage and increase the destructive force. However, this compliment comes from a position of him being condescending to the villain.

All Roads Lead Back To Deku

As Shigiraki compliments Bakugo, he used his right arm to swipe at his face, ripping the right side of Dynamights mask off, grabbing Bakugos right forearm and slamming it with incredible strength and little effort. Despite his failure, the young UA student is then lying on the ground coughing and unable to move, saying it is only his friendship with Deku that he cares about.

Eraserhead has to sit back and watch as Shigiraki, the student he trained for, threatens to kill him. He then calls out to the pro heroes to see if any of them would stand up to protect his student. Suneater is the first to say that he wants to have a graduation. Nejire replies yes, but Lemillion emerges from the rubble and declares that they will fight Shigiraki together with their triple threat capabilities.


Horikoshi continues to make the book more enjoyable to follow through on the most recent one. The amount of hands and fingers on the panels has decreased dramatically, and the battle has slowed a bit. Outside that, this chapter also provided more screen time for side characters.

Fans will appreciate the business course that recorded the video themselves, as the Dabi that recorded the killing of Twice was used against them not too long ago. The importance of friendship was evident, as Kaminari and Yaoyorozu believed strongly in Bakugo, despite others only seeing him for his crimes. The last panel that states we will finally see the UA Big Three fight together is all things fans have been waiting for.