Watch Dogs 2: The 10 Best Weapons and How to Unlock Them

Watch Dogs 2: The 10 Best Weapons and How to Unlock Them ...

After the ludicrous release of Watch Dogs, the publisher felt it needed to rebuild a franchise that had once hoped would compete with Assassin's Creed. One of the ways they went about doing this is changing the protagonist, who is now a more stealth-focused guy in Marcus Holloway.

Watch Dogs 2's stealth mechanics were instrumental in the game's enjoyment, but the loss-off lies in his ability to manipulate his surroundings in more complex ways. However, combat becomes a necessity when things go wrong in Watch Dogs 2, and the price they cost to acquire.

10 2EZ (Non-Lethal)

Marcus' Stun Gun, which is widely used in Watch Dogs 2, is one of the most powerful non-lethal weapons in the game. It can defy most standard opponents silently and from range, and maintains a pacifist narrative.

The 2EZ does not require a purchase, although it does need to be recharged periodically after being triggered. It's a part of Marcus' arsenal from the beginning of the game, and it's capable of carrying players throughout the entire campaign if they so desire.

9 Help Desk Denial Pistol (Lethal)

Are you interested in non-lethal action? The Help Desk Pistol is able to handle the other end of the spectrum. It's a watch dog's equivalent of an uzi, with a short range, a higher firing rate, a smaller magazine, and quick reloads.

This is a unique sidearm, and it isn't cheap, but it can be 3D printed at the DedSec hideout. It costs $45,900, making it one of the cheaper unique weapons in the game, and for the right play style, it's absolutely worth the investment.

8 CTRL-ALT-DEL Launcher (Lethal)

Marcus may need to get the cops off his tail in a high-speed chase. If properly timed, this deadly-accurate grenade launcher can eliminate a large group of pursuing enemies.

This launcher isn't cheap, unlike the Help Desk Pistol. Players will pay $105,300 to get access to it at the 3D printer, but in exchange, players will receive a force of pure destruction.

7 DOT_FILE Rifle (Lethal)

After all this talk about how expensive these firearms can be, it may be useful to have a weapon that earns money by using it. These bullets will kill any enemies that have been shot by the rifle that fired them, earning the player money with each kill.

The DOT_FILE Rifle will cost players $43,200 at the 3D Printer. It's one of the lesser-cost options on this list, and it repays the cost of its purchase within a few missions.

6 Goodbye, World Shotgun (Lethal)

The Goodbye, World Shotgun is a fully automatic short-range rifle with an extra-wide spread on its shots. There isn't another weapon in the game that allows Marcus to maneuver through a crowd of enemies much more easily.

The price of this rifle is $43,200, and it is a nice contrast to the DOT_FILE Rifle.

5 Zero Day Rifle (Lethal)

Nearly all weapons discussed so far involve going into combat encounters guns blazing. The Zero Day Rifle is the game's finest option for maintaining a lethal approach but combining it with stealth. This rifle comes with a built-in suppressor and a Smart Scope, making it ideal for stealthy long-range approaches.

The Zero Day Rifle costs a staggering $99,900 at the 3D printer, meaning players will need to save up for a while or get a ton of use out of the DOT_FILE Rifle.

4 Thunder Ball (Non-Lethal)

The only melee-focused weapon in Watch Dogs 2, the Thunder Ball is virtually unsurpassed in its versatility. It is especially useful when combined with the Create Distraction skill, which can prevent enemies from noticing Marcus as he approaches. It can also be used as an offensive weapon other than stealth to quickly eliminate annoying security dogs.

The Thunder Ball will be free for the whole campaign, as will the 2EZ stun gun. It'll also have some fantastic animations that will make for some brutal takedowns.

3 WTB Stun Launcher (Non-Lethal)

The WTB Stun Launcher uses a modified 2EZ stun charges to create an explosion of volts that will stun enemies and disable vehicles, but will not trigger any collateral explosions.

There are two problems with it: First, it has an extremely slow fire rate, which can result in a costly missed strike. Second, it costs $118,800 to 3D print. It is, by a large margin, the most expensive weapon in the game, but given how it can somewhat trivialize the stealthy approach, it isn't without reason.

2 YourBoySerge Sniper (Lethal)

The YourBoySerge Sniper is by far the best in terms of raw power. It can defy any car and kill all of its foes with one shot, and it can even shoot through walls. It also has an exceptional fire speed, allowing it to be used as a standard rifle at medium range with ease.

The price tag for this weapon, which is a bleak $70,200, is almost laughable. The only drawback (if it is one at all) is that it's virtually impossible to use it and play stealthy. It has all the range, damage, and versatility a player could ever desire from a pistol.

1 Air Shotgun (Non-Lethal)

The air shotgun's description as "non-lethal" is subject to interpretation. It does not fire traditional bullets or bullets for that matter. Instead, it unleashes a concentrated blast of air that sends enemies flying and "knocks them out." However, the Air Shotgun makes up for it by being the only stun weapon capable of defeating armored targets with a single shot.

The other great thing about this weapon is that it comes totally free with the No Compromises DLC. It's one of the most unique weapons available in the game, made even more so by the fact that it's also one of the most powerful.

Watch Dogs 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Google Staida, and Amazon Luna, and is now available for streaming on Xbox Game Pass.