Neighbours fans notice a missing returnee and brief cut scenes in the UK version of the finale

Neighbours fans notice a missing returnee and brief cut scenes in the UK version of the finale ...

On Friday (July 29) Neighbours' 37-year long run finally came to an end with an epic one-hour finale that left fans very reeling.

Fans on Twitter have been comparing the two versions since the finale was shown a day earlier in Australia. And upon examination, they have noticed a few minor differences.

Fans in the United Kingdom recognized songs by Harry Styles and George Ezra playing in the background. These songs were not included in the Australian version.

Sky Mangel (played by Stephanie McIntosh) was also included in the video montage with the rest of the past characters who couldnt make it to Karl and Susan's house in person.

She did not appear in the UK episode, but you can see that moment here (around the 1:33 mark).

Weird how Sky was removed from the UK's airing. #Neighbours

"Toad, you're like a son to us," Karl said in the same scene. Isn't it absurd? Toad, you are a son to us.

This was also removed from the UK broadcast (it starts here at 0:18).

Beth Brennan mentioned her son Ned in a video message, adding, "Sending love to you, Ned."

At this moment, Ned can be seen smiling. This was also removed from the UK version (around 2:15 in the video)

Thats why I didnt see Sky! Or the Beth hello to Ned! Cut from the UK broadcast. Scandal! #Neighbours #NeighboursFinale #CelebratingNeighbours

I loved the cameo appearances in the History Book, even if Libby had better go there in person instead. Also an extremely bizarre decision that C5 deleted the part in the UK edit where Beth tells Ned that she loves him.

Another strange difference with the closing credits is that Australia's final drone shot with "Thank you for loving us, we love you!" included all cast and crew, while the UK version was cast only.

There is no explanation for why these changes occurred. However, the soap ended its decades-long run with a high in both countries, earning some of the show's highest ratings in years and leaving fans happy with the lovely finale.

Neighbours has come to an end, but catch-up episodes are available via My 5 (UK) and 10 Play (Australia).

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