Steven Knight, the filmmaker of Peaky Blinders, claims the film is almost finished

Steven Knight, the filmmaker of Peaky Blinders, claims the film is almost finished ...

Peaky Blinders, a British crime series that lasted six seasons, has recently ended its sixth season, but fans of the program still have plenty to look forward to. Knight has long expressed desire to continue the story through a feature film. And, according to the showrunner, filming may begin quite soon.

Knight said in a new interview on the Heart Breakfast program (via NME). I'm about to finish writing it, and we're planning to shoot it. I'm setting up some film and television studios in Digbeth in Birmingham.

Peaky Blinders' characters are fictional, but they are named after a similar gang with the same name. Knight revealed that he intends to shoot the film in areas where the real-life Peaky Blinders were actually active.

According to him, the filming will be conducted at Digbeth's studios and on location in Birmingham. Digbeth and Small Heath are where the Peaky Blinders roamed. So, the Peakys are coming home in essence.

The fanbase for Peaky Blinders grew at a slow but steady pace throughout its six-year run, with many viewers finding the program on Netflix and catching up before the final seasons. Knight noted that one of the most appealing aspects of filmmaking is allowing those users to finally see Peaky Blinders together in a theater.

Im looking forward to a Peaky event where people may watch it together, according to the speaker. I mean, the social media community is so strong, and people talk to each other. However, to actually be together physically will be really enjoyable.

Peaky Blinders enthusiasts arent the only ones to be interested in seeing what Knight has come up with for a film. Cillian Murphy, who plays Thomas Shelby on the program, recently said that he has no clue what the movie will involve, but looks forward to participating.

Murphy said I would be as enthused as anyone to read a script. I think it's okay for everyone to take a break before we can regroup. Im sure he's told you the same. I'll be there if there's more story to be told.