Season 2 of Uncoupled: Is it renewed or canceled by Netflix?

Season 2 of Uncoupled: Is it renewed or canceled by Netflix? ...

Is there any likelihood that Netflix will release anUncoupledseason 2 some time after today's launch? Or, is this going to be the end of the road?

There are a few things worth discussing here, but we should start with where things stand, or at the very least, where they stand at this writing. There is currently no formal season 2 renewal out there, but we are reasonably optimistic that one will happen.

For one, the show looks to be destined to be the next big New York City romance series. It has a fantastic star in Neil Patrick Harris, who is well-known by many generations, and also the talent of executive producer Darren Star behind the scenes. He is also behind two of the most-popular New York romantic comedy series inSex and the CityandYounger.

If there is one thing to be concerned about here, it is Netflix's history of not only canceling programs, but also terminating them far too early. They are extremely competitive because they have so many different series that they can always substitute for another. They wanted to know that Harris' new foray is bingeable, and they will want more in the coming months.