Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: The whole nomination procedure (day 24)

Live feed spoilers for Big Brother 24: The whole nomination procedure (day 24) ...

Isnt it nice to be able to anticipate the nominees in a relatively short time? It already looks like we're in for a great week, so let's hope it live up to all of our expectations.

Alyssa and Indy will be the first choice for Head of Household Monte, although neither of them will be the real target of the Household Monte, although it will remain that way if the two remain on the block. Instead, the purpose here is to nominate Nicole & Taylor as replacement candidates to get Nicole out. This is partly due to the Leftovers about her and Daniel, which have caused a lot of problems.

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Kyle is already steering Alyssa in a direction where this might seem like a good idea, although he is taking one for the team.) Taylor is also well-aware of the idea of going up on the block again, but she still wants Nicole out. There is no reason for anyone in the Leftovers to keep Nicole.

In the event that Nicole throws the Veto this week, provided she plays, we'll all agree that this is the best way to get Taylor out, and instead she gets evicted. It's a wonderful experience, and after Nicoles 1) treatment towards Taylor and 2) obnoxious pleas to compete inThe Amazing Race, we'd totally agree.

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