Season 6 Episode 13 of Animal Kingdom: First Tease for Series Finale

Season 6 Episode 13 of Animal Kingdom: First Tease for Series Finale ...

Animal Kingdomseason 6 episode 13 will be released later this summer, and we should do so with the following: This is the series' conclusion. It's going to be heartbreaking, action-packed, and potentially tragic at the same time.

The first thing we should attach as proof of this is quite simple: Fubar. For those who are unfamiliar, this is an acronym that implies that everything has been fixed, and this gives you a good sense of where things are headed, and the possibility that one or two Cody Boys will not make it out of the series alive. Theres a lot of big stuff both in the present and the future, and we were not sure we were prepared for any of it.

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TNT released the official synopsis ahead of this episode this week (per SpoilerTV). It may not be too much, but it does not need to in order to make us collectively anxious:

The Cody boys are on their most dangerous assignment; Andrew commits a crime that devastated the family.

This at least indicates that they will have one more major assignment in the series, but what is it? It could be a final score so they may take the money and run; or, they may be desperate to save one of their own. In the past tense, the word destroyed is also used.

This makes us think that this will be in the flashbacks, but is there anything else in that timeline that we dont know about? Is there any other information that this character is holding somewhere in his head? Its clear that he has been drowning in darkness most of the series, and it has been practically impossible for him to speak out.