Season 6 of SEAL Team: David Boreanaz gives us a little buzz!

Season 6 of SEAL Team: David Boreanaz gives us a little buzz! ...

SEAL Teamseason 6 will be released on Paramount+ when production is ready. Of course, we wish we had more concrete news when it comes to a premiere date! However, we still take pride in knowing that production is several episodes in at this point!

David Boreanaz is a well-known figure in the world of television production. He is also a senior producer behind the scenes and occasional director, and he knows everything about the process.

David shared a flashback image from the series run on Instagram, while also stating that season 6 will be better and honestly, we have no reason to doubt him. This season should be intense, action-packed, and also creative. Weve already heard about international shoots.

If there is no premiere date announced over the next month and a half, we would be surprised. Remember that SEAL Team has always been a fall program in the past. Even if it is late fall, we still tend to think that the streaming service would like to get some footage out there to begin promoting the series before we get too far past the end of the summer.

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