Season 5 of Magnum PI: What should be included?

Season 5 of Magnum PI: What should be included? ...

AMagnum PIseason 5 is coming to NBC, and eventually, there will be a trailer! We 100% agree that there's plenty to be excited about when the show comes back, but we also know that there's only so much that can be hyped up in advance. You don't want to give anything away in a short time, just like you don't want to include stuff that might be difficult for anyone to comprehend in a short span.

When NBC does decide to release a trailer, what should it highlight? Weve got a few suggestions below!

Plenty of action This seems like a no-brainer! Remember, trailers are often marketed to people who haven't seen the program before, so the lure of seeing high-octane scenes almost every week is something worth selling.

The connections The idea of Ohana is central to what this program is, especially when Magnum, Higgins, TC, Rick, Kumu, and Katsumoto have all gone through what they have. It should be reflected somewhere in here that you can, in the span of an episode, feel right at home with these characters, relate to them, and root for them all at the same time.

The friendship between Magnum and Higgins is for the discerning fan. In the teaser, you must at least mention the kiss from the final scene! This is a major change in the shows core dynamics!

The setting Obviously, you want to remind people that escapism is a part of the fun here. Who wouldn't want to be in Hawaii?

The NBC move is likely to require a lot of effort to remind people that this is no longer CBS! Casual viewers could just see the trailer and assume it's still there. You need to do it a few times and market it as often as you can.

Remember thatMagnum PI will be back sometime in the new year, and we wish we could dissect it further.