Best Team Setups in Dragon Ball Legends

Best Team Setups in Dragon Ball Legends ...

In Dragon Ball Legends, gamers collect iconic Dragon Ball characters and organize them into teams to take part in action-packed card-based tag-team battles.

The game has a wide variety of options for players to set up the best teams, including family members, character types, and even dream match-ups. However, what are the best team setups to stand out from the competition, especially in PVP?

Vegeta Family

The Vegeta Family team, while being underappreciated, shows that the Vegetas bloodline is no slouch in delivering solid fighters other than Gokus lineage. At its core, the team is made of extremely tough fighters, especially when both Adult Trunks and Super Saiyan Gohan are combined for a lineup.

  • Super Saiyan God SS Goku & Vegeta (Purple, SP): This duo unit has a type-switch mechanic that can easily manipulate the battlefield to the teams advantage. Not to mention, their Element Advantage Swap allows players to practically adapt to an enemys defenses. These elements combined with their impressive Ki Regain and offensive buff make SSGSS Goku & Vegeta an indomitable force of nature.
  • Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta (Green, SP): Another centerpiece to this lineup is Vegeta in his Super Saiyan God SS form, which in itself is an aggressive powerhouse. While his damage numbers arent incredibly high, his ultimate alone can become fatal to opponents due to the lock-in effect against opponents below 50 percent HP. While he doesnt have Anti-Endurance and Anti-Cover Effects to maximize his damage potential, the buffing capabilities of Trunks and Gohan as support units can make this Vegeta iteration extremely potent.
  • Super Saiyan Trunks (Adult) (Blue, SP, Legends Limited): Despite his basic build as a tank, Super Saiyan Trunks and his natural defenses make him a well-rounded fighter that can accommodate almost any combat situation. His combination of impressive Endurance and Healing abilities allow him to outlast any kind of battlefield disadvantage, which is a perfect way to compensate for his rather slow damage output at the onset of a match.

Future Team

The Future Team is a solid team for players to utilize and excel against any type of foe, marked by Future Trunks' struggles in life against the Androids and the death of his mentor Gohan. Here are some of their recommended members:

  • Android 17 & 18 (Red, SP): The foremost villains of Future Trunks timeline, the Android twins have established themselves as public enemy number one of the modern meta due to their innate capabilities. Aside from continuous debuffs and stacking offensive effects, the twins can also easily manipulate the battlefield due to their type-switching.
  • Super Saiyan Trunks (Adult) (Blue, SP, Legends Limited): Although built like a tank thanks to his naturally high defenses and defensive buffs, SS Adult Trunks is a great well-rounded fighter that can make him reliably spongy while at the same time scary to deal with. While his damage output isnt strong at first, his high endurance and stacking buffs make him scary in the long term.
  • Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black (Purple, SP): This vicious villain form of Goku has a unique rose-colored Super Saiyan form, and a battlefield performance worthy of the hype. In Legends, Super Saiyan Rose Goku is an aggressive fighter that boasts decent Strike Damage, with neat stats for other damage types. While not as extremely aggressive as other fighters, SSR Goku Black can keep up with other fighters thanks to decent survivability.

God Ki

The God Ki team makes use of their specialized combat abilities to crush opponents early in the game. This means defense is the most powerful aspect of the lineup, which can be detrimental to the players if enemies get an opening.

  • Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta (Green, SP): Despite his rather average performance on random teams, SSGSS Vegeta in this lineup can become a devastating foe with the right Z-Ability Bonuses and right Support Damage Buffs. His Ultimate Move is also extremely lethal against foes with less than 50 percent HP due to the lock-in, meaning SSGSS Vegeta is a nifty finisher that can hold off on his own in combat.
  • Whis (Purple, SP): Although not as spectacular in terms of offense and defense, Whis is specifically tailored to provide his team with buffs to boost their stats and debilitate enemy strategies through effective debuffs.
  • Beerus (Blue, SP): An offensive powerhouse through and through, God of Destruction Beerus already has innate buffs that make him impactful in a match on the get-go. And with an ultimate attack that ignores Endurance and Revive, Beerus can very well become a third member to finish off opponents.

Fusion Warrior

The Fusion Warrior team utilizes numerous popular fusions to gain momentum early on. These include effects such as Element Disadvantage Removal, Blast Armor Removal, and other deadly moves. Not only that, the right selection of the third component can make this team's defensive capabilities quite daunting for opponents. Here are a few of the most ideal members.

  • Super Saiyan Gohan (Yellow, SP, Legends Limited): Although not necessarily a fusion form, Super Saiyan Gohan is one of the most versatile fighters in the game. He can dish out damage while at the same time utilizing excellent defensive and supportive capabilities that can endow the team with various Endurance and Cover Effects.
  • Super Gogeta (Blue, UL): As expected of Super Gogeta, this unit is incredibly powerful and capable of self-sustaining itself in combat, courtesy of a special gauge coupled with innate Damage Reduction, natural Healing, and a couple of Damage Buffs. Not only that, hes capable of drawing his Special Move card after almost every combo, if his rotations are done correctly.
  • Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta (Green, SP): Gogeta attaining Super Saiyan 4 is OP enough in Dragon Ball GT, and such is the same in Legends. His Damage Reduction and Cover perks make him one of the best defensive powerhouses on the team, especially since he can nullify up to three combos in a single match. Aside from his Anti-Revive Effects, his own Revive Effects can grant him bonus damage buffs and nifty Dragon Balls, giving him access to a Rising Rush to turn the tide against a pesky foe.

Powerful Opponent

Strongest opponents in the series would immediately become worthy picks for a fans' dream team, and Powerful Opponent makes this even more feasible by being part of the top meta. This could help players adapt well to different opponents, which with Android 17 & 18s Type-Switching might make it almost impossible for enemies to prepare defensive counters.

  • Perfect Cell (Purple, SP): Its no question how Perfect Cell and all his glory would become an effective member of this team, courtesy of his Platinum Equip that allows him to dish out damage to almost any type of opponent. This is on top of his Anti-Revive effects that can incapacitate any turn-the-table builds, as well as natural Anti-Hybrid Saiyan and Anti-Saiyan counters.
  • Final Form Frieza (Blue, SP): Frieza in his fourth form is a force to reckon with, as he compensates for his middling offensive and defensive power with buffs that can amp up the damage capacity of his teammates. Not only that, his main ability can steal the opponents Dragon Balls to load a severely damaging Rising Rush, as well as Element Disadvantage Removal effects that level the playing field for him.
  • Final Form Frieza: Full Power (Blue, SP, Legends Limited): Perhaps the most potent form of Frieza prior to Golden Frieza, Final Form Frieza is arguably an all-around fighter with his damage buffs and supportive effects. Not only that, his Anti-Endurance and Dragon Ball Removal effects can incapacitate enemy builds that rely on fighting for the long term.

Lineage Of Evil

Lineage Of Evil is a meta build that has proven to be the finest in the game, especially during the early seasons of Dragon Ball Z. Many of its members include various forms of Frieza, Androids 17 and 18, and unexpectedly a Son Goku. At its core, Lineage Of Evil dominates almost every match through sheer offensive power, both courtesy of built-in passives and supportive effects. Their superiority in other dominating Saiyan builds makes them an effective counter-attack.

  • Super Saiyan God SS Kaioken Goku (Yellow, UL): Thanks to the combination of his offensive capabilities and battlefield control capacity, this units lock-in Strike Card and Vanish Regain ensures he always has something up his sleeve.
  • Android 17 & 18 (Red, SP): The twins are remarkable in their natural offensive stacking and continuous enemy debuffs, allowing them to consistently manipulate the enemys stats for the advantage of its other team members. Thanks to their Type Switch mechanic, they can easily adapt to almost any situation.
  • Golden Frieza (Green, SP): An offensive powerhouse through and through, Golden Frieza combines offensive buffs and draw bonuses to ensure he slots in a lot of damage in the long term. Not to mention, Anti-Armor Blast Cards and Anti-Cover allow him to bypass both vicious Fighters and defensive hulks in the game.

Dragon Ball: Legends was released in May 2018 on Android and iOS.