How to Identify a Mare in Phasmophobia All Evidence and Tips

How to Identify a Mare in Phasmophobia All Evidence and Tips ...

The Mare is a Ghost who can hunt more often in the dark in Phasmophobia. It can only hunt when the player has 60% Sanity in the dark, but can't hunt until the player has 40% if the lights are on. As a result, the Mare relies heavily on the generator being on and will never turn it out.

All Mare Evidence in Phasmophobia

The Mare's unique set of evidence are the Spirit Box, Ghost Orbs, and Ghost Writing. They will turn off the generator as a means of keeping the Investigation Area dark, increasing the time it can hunt.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Mare and What They Mean in Phasmophobia

The Journal's Strengths and Weaknesses are titled:

  • Strength - A Mare will have an increased chance to attack in the dark.
  • Weakness - Turning the lights on around the Mare will lower its chance to attack.

The Mare's Strength refers to its ability to hunt more frequently in the dark and the greater amount of Sanity required for it to Hunt. Most Ghosts require around 50% Sanity before they can hunt, but a Mare will be able to hunt at 60% Sanity if they spawn in an unlit room.

The Mare's Weakness is related to its lowered chance of Hunting and the decreased amount of health required for it to hunt. If the Ghost Room is lit, the Mare will not be able to Hunt players until they are at least 40% Sanity. Candles will not work in delaying the Mare, and will not hunt at 60% Sanity in an unlit room regardless of whether candles are lit inside.

Tips for dealing with a Mare in Phasmophobia

The Mare will require players to turn on the lights on to receive a response. The Spirit Box works without the lights on, therefore the Ghost Room must have the lights on. This means players can keep their Sanity while using their gear.

The Mare must be identified instead of being revealed when playing on Nightmare, since one of its components is hidden. Players can test for Mares by turning on the lights and seeing if the Ghost turns off the lights quickly. The Mare will also break the bulb in rooms, giving players additional clues to identifying it.