Johnny Depp Sells Artwork For Millions And Completes His Tour With Jeff Beck: 'Now We Rest'

Johnny Depp Sells Artwork For Millions And Completes His Tour With Jeff Beck: 'Now We Rest' ...

Johnny Depp has been busy since the conclusion of his slander trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard, as the star has landed a number of roles. He is currently touring France to film La Favorite, in which he is playing King Louis XV. One other big-profile project that Depp has lined up is a collaboration with guitarist Jeff Beck.

According to The Sunday Times, Johnny Depps' work went on sale this past Thursday and sold for $3.6 million. The Friends & Heroes collection, which includes portraits of famous actors like Elizabeth Taylor and Al Pacino, sold out almost immediately. Castle Galleries published a statement confirming that Depps' work is a tribute to those who he has known well and others who have inspired him as a person.

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At the end of the week, one would assume that the actor is pleased with his purchase, though it appears like he's ready to take things easy for the time being. The actor thanked those who saw them perform, as well as the band and the crew. Despite declaring that he and Beck would not take to the stage again after a video recap.

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Johnny Depp had already planned a new musical project before the tour concluded. The Hollywood Vampires Tour will take place between Germany and Luxembourg in summer 2023. Needless to say, Depp will be booked for theforeseeable future.

While he has been successful in films such as La Favorite (which has found a streaming home), the actor wont be able to work on a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean film. However, a rumor claimed that he'd return to the Pirates franchise and was paid $301 million to reprise his famous role. A rep later refuted the claim, declaring it as true.

Johnny Depp isnt quite done with legal proceedings yet, according to Amber Heard, who recently filed an appeal in an attempt to overturn a defamation case verdict that awarded Depp $8.3 million. Depp wants to go on, but he filed an appeal of his own, in order to ensure that the entire record and legal issues are properly considered by the Court of Appeal.

Amber Heards' appeal will only be revealed when the time comes. One thing thats clear now is that Johnny Depp is confident that the verdict will be upheld. And while he awaits a verdict, he'll take in some relaxation before his next acting gig or music gig.