The Elden Ring's Top 8 Sacred Weapons, Ranked

The Elden Ring's Top 8 Sacred Weapons, Ranked ...

Faith is turned into a weapon in Elden Ring, which turns out to be powerful enough to crush heretics. However, sometimes the words just slide off when it comes to smiting enemies. Luckily, the game allows players to customize its weapons for Faith builds using the Sacred prefix.

Faith builds the best of both worlds by scaling off the weapons with a Sacred prefix. Not all weapons are exceptionally well scaled in Faith, but with a high enough faith in the player's almighty, it will smite hard.

8 Antspur Rapier

  • Weapon class : Thrusting Sword
  • Weight : 3.0
  • Max scaling : B
  • Max damage : 183+183

The Antspur Rapier in a Sacred prefix isn't exactly common or optimal, but it's still one of the finest weapons under that sort of scaling. The greatest part about it is that it inflicts Rot on opponents, thus repeated and quick strikes are rewarded.

The Antspur Rapier is quite powerful for a fast weapon. The Thrusting Sword weapon class guarantees that players will almost never miscalculate the weapon range, although it's still a bit short-ranged compared to the other melee weapons here.

7 Dismounter

  • Weapon class : Curved Greatsword
  • Weight : 10.0
  • Max scaling : B
  • Max damage : 257+257

The Dismounter is an underrated early weapon. It's one of the best Curved Greatswords in the game in terms of stats, surpassing Omen Cleaver. Players may select that Omen weapon in the early game, but it will be harder to obtain and farm in the early game.

The Dismounter is a superb weapon that can deal staggeringly high damage when converted to a Sacred Prefix, despite player stats. It could go as high as 500 AR when combined with Faith Incantation buffs.

6 Cross-Naginata

  • Weapon class : Spear
  • Weight : 8.0
  • Max scaling : B
  • Max damage : 228+228

The Cross-Naginata has always been one of the most powerful yet underrated Bleed weapons in Elden Ring. It's a spear, so it already has a good range advantage over the other options. However, what makes it more superior compared to the others is the Bleed buildup with each hit.

As a bonus, there are a number of Ashes of War that allow players to strike strikes in quick succession. The Cross-Naginata has decent scaling after being converted to Sacred.

5 Godskin Stitcher

  • Weapon class : Heavy Thrusting Sword
  • Weight : 7.0
  • Max scaling : B
  • Max damage : 235+235

The Godskin Stitcher is the preferred weapon of the Godskin Apostles, and it's easy to see why. When it comes to dealing poise damage, this is one of the best weapons in the game. A few hits are enough to stance-break a lot of enemies bosses included. If players put a Giant Hunt Ash of War in it, it becomes even more powerful in the late-game.

Sadly, this weapon will not do as much damage as a variant of the weapon that reduces physical damage stats such as Strength. However, the split damage will still be dealt through two different resistances. Still, Faith builders who want something heavy and capable of dealing with large poise damage will want to choose this weapon.

4 Nightrider Glaive

  • Weapon class : Halberd
  • Weight : 12.0
  • Max scaling : B
  • Max damage : 239+239

The Nightrider Glaive is easily one of the best halberds in the game and gamers may acquire it early on. It starts from the Night Cavalry walking across the road to Bellum Church in Liurnia. Halberds are always a solid weapon class of choice in Elden Ring because they have a wide variety of overpowered Ashes of War.

Phantom Slash, which not only looks cool but also deals good damage, is a game item that players can be confident in wielding for the majority of the game or even taking them to Malenia herself.

3 Gargoyle's Greatsword

  • Weapon class : Greatsword
  • Weight : 11.5
  • Max scaling : B
  • Max damage : 251+251

The Gargoyle's Greatsword may seem like a plastic toy, but it's actually one of the best Greatswords in the game due to its damage alone. It's one of the few Greatswords that has the highest base damage; it even beats the Iron Greatsword when it comes to the original Strength scaling.

When it comes to Sacred Faith scaling, the Gargoyle's Greatsword will outperform the Iron Greatsword, making it the better choice. If players want, they may powerstance two of these, and the damage will match that of a Colossal Greatsword.

2 Envoy's Long Horn

  • Weapon class : Great Hammer
  • Weight : 9.5
  • Max scaling : B
  • Max damage : 294+191

The Envoy's Long Horn is a Sacred Weapon with a B scaling (which is its highest level) although the damage split is quite small, since players will not be using it to smash enemies. The Envoy's Long Horn is a popular weapon with the Bubble Shower ability.

This produces a torrent of holy bubbles down a frontal cone that deal significant damage. They can even beat huge bosses or slow bosses. There are even Faith builds that are centered around exploiting the Bubbler Shower.

1 Nagakiba

  • Weapon class : Katana
  • Weight : 7.0
  • Max scaling : B
  • Max damage : 214+214

The Uchigatana is also a viable candidate, but the Nagakiba is just a better overall weapon, especially for Faith builds that might have sacrificed some Vigor and need a safer weapon. The Nagakiba is basically the Uchigatana with a significantly extended range.

The Nagakiba's damage output is decent enough, but where it excels is in the use of Bleed buildup with every strike. This results in a significantly greater output, which helps many Sacred weapon users compensate for the lower split damage.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and Series X|S.