Before the end of the series, the Flash boss reveals his hope for Barry and Iris

Before the end of the series, the Flash boss reveals his hope for Barry and Iris ...

The Flash Season 8 finale included a significant Reverse-Flash twist and other significant moments a month ago, and while The Flash Season 9 is on the way, it will not air on The CW until sometime in 2023. At this point, it's unclear whether or not the ninth season will be the final one for Barry Allen's adventures and his friends and family, or whether or not this DC TV show will last ten seasons.

Since the earlier versions of Jessica Parker Kennedys Nora West-Allen was introduced in Season 4, future versions of Barry and Iris children have incorporated into The Flash mythos. We know that Nora is born around 2023, and Jordan Fishers Bart will follow seven years later. So on the subject of if at least Nora will be conceived before The Flash is over, Eric Wallance simply said:

I can only hope!

As no one else has gotten to that point, The Flash will not be running till 2030, giving us just over 16 seasons. Nora, on the other hand, is a different story, because shes supposed to be born next year!

I dont know how much time I have. I have to always write as if it's the final season, but I hope it's not. I've been in that position for two years going back to the end of Season 7, when [WestAllen] renewed their vows, and Im in the same position today.

The Flash is the only CW series that is still tied to the main Arrowverse continuity, despite Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow's cancellation earlier this year, as well as the revelation that Superman and Lois will return in 2049, potentially triggering the Arrowverse debut of Cobalt Blue. For the most part though, Season 9 is secluded and will only have around 18-20 episodes to tell their story.