After two seasons, Amazon Prime Video has confirmed the Wilds' future

After two seasons, Amazon Prime Video has confirmed the Wilds' future ...

Amazon Prime Video has confirmed the Wilds' future, and this isn't good news.

Deadline reports that Amazon has canceled a second season of the young adult series. The first season received a lot of positive buzz and a prompt renewal, but three months after it returned to a modest response, it declined to approve a third season.

The first season centered on a group of eight young women from different backgrounds who find themselves stranded on a seemingly deserted island after a plane collision, only to discover later that everything was part of a social experiment.

The second season remained the same, but with a main cast of young men, although the female characters from season 1 remained.

Fans of the show have responded strongly to the cancellation, with #RenewTheWilds trending on Twitter. Perhaps that change in focus led to a more muted reaction for season 2? It's only speculation.

shoni is a fantastic lesbian representation and i cant stand to see them go through with their story #SaveTheWilds #RenewTheWilds on


Let's take a moment to look at these frames #RenewTheWilds while we're talking about my girl leah.

prime video made a huge error canceling the wilds. its rare to have a female-led program with a diverse cast AND queer, especially lesbian, representation. fix this mess. give us our show back. #SaveTheWilds #RenewTheWilds

According to Deadline, the cast only learned of the cancelation just before the news surfaced online.

The Wilds was one of Amazon Prime Video's first young adult pilot series under the direction of Jennifer Salke, becoming the first to premiere and the first to get a second season. Amazon are said to be committed to continuing to provide young adult content.

On MetaCritic, the show has a solid Metascore of 70, which measures an average across critiques for both seasons. The cast's performances and the themes addressed are often cited as highlights.

The Wilds is now available for Amazon Prime Video.