Players of MultiVersus complete the Community Challenge in just three hours to unlock the Rick and Morty stage

Players of MultiVersus complete the Community Challenge in just three hours to unlock the Rick and M ...

MultiVersus players are anticipating the first season of the popular Rick & Morty fighting game. Morty from the popular Rick & Morty cartoon has already been confirmed for Season 1, but Season 1 will also debut, according to the developer. Players completed a MultiVersus community challenge to unlock a new Rick & Morty stage in three hours.

The official MultiVersus Twitter account issued a challenge to the fighting game's growing community on Friday. The more specific task was for players across the world to collectively earn 10 million ring outs. Cromulons from the Rick & Morty cartoon will be unveiled shortly after the launch.

It was unclear how quickly the challenge would be completed, given that MultiVersus players have no real idea how many active players there are across the world. It may have been something Player First Games wanted to do in a week, to help lead into Season 1. Or it might be something relatively quick, a challenge leveraging on MultiVersus activity over the weekend.

MultiVersus players completed the challenge in under three hours. Some players even asked on social media if the new Cromulons stage was playable by accident.

Player First Games knew what it was doing, after all. It would be able to see how many ring outs players were doing each hour, so setting a 10 million ring-out threshold was always intended to result in Cromulons' quick release. In effect, this was Player First Games' way of giving a present to MultiVersus players over the weekend.

It's a bit strange that Player First Games did not save the new Rick & Morty stage for release ahead of Season 1's start on August 9; on the other hand, it's also refreshing to know that Player First Games is comfortable releasing new content on a whim. MultiVersus players can now act out one of Rick and Morty's adventures before the characters appear in the game themselves.

MultiVersus is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.