The 10 Most Hardest Kirby Levels

The 10 Most Hardest Kirby Levels ...

Since its introduction in the early 1990s, the Kirby series has been a familiar face in family fun. Nonetheless, there is an element of difficulty within most of its releases. Within its extensive history, players have been enraged by a few levels for one reason or another.

Kirby presents difficulty in a manner that has always made players repeat themselves for decades, from showcasing a large army of enemies on the small screen of a GameBoy.

10 The True Arena - Kirby Super Star Ultra

The True Arena is Kirby Superstar Ultra's final sub-game, and ultimately the most difficult challenge throughout the game as a whole. It can be unlocked when all other mini-games are completed, not including other sub-games.

Since 2008, players have faced off against ten bosses within this confines. Maxim Tomatoes and other general food/healing items

9 Battleship Halberd - Kirby's Epic Yarn

A certain level of difficulty is anticipated as Kirby's Epic Yarn final stage. Taking control of the Star Shooter Metamortex, Kirby takes control of the Star Shooter Metamortex, who faces off against a barrage of oncoming enemies.

The constant appearance of enemies and the limited screen space to attack are factors that make the level so difficult to play. This is the same can be said for most Kirby games on DS and GameBoy. Screens were once dominated by enemies, which became overwhelming for players, thus their famous difficulty.

Kirby Super Star and Super Star Ultra in 8 The Great Cave Offensive

Any Kirby veterans who want to reach 100% KSS and SSU will find this area fairly straightforward from the get-go, but The Great Cave Offensive has fifty treasure chests that players are assigned to uncover in order to receive the desired 100%.

The ability to return through a previously visited route is revoked. If a chest is missed, the entire procedure must be repeated.

7 Magolor Soul - Kirbys Return to Dreamland

Magolor Soul from Kirbys Return to Dreamland remains one of the most frustrating encounters in the entire franchise. With a huge variety of phases, this boss boosts challenge as the whole gameplay.

After the task of becoming the boss in the first place, facing off against Magolor Soul may seem straightforward. Still, it's a different league when it comes to Dreamland's difficulty. Kirby isn't particularly adept at attack, and healing is rare and out.

Kirby, the Master of Mouthfuls! - Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Every Treasure Road in Kirby and The Forgotten Land is a little difficult, but Kirby, the Master of Mouthfuls! has been dubbed the last test of his abilities. This road is a mixture of speed-reliant and heavy platforming.

This treasure road is used by six different Kirby Abilities, making it the most hands-on and fast-paced Kirby adventure within The Forgotten Land, and therefore the most difficult. Although, unlike other Kirby adventures, it is significantly less irritating.

5 The Wonder Lilane - Kirby: Canvas Curse

The Wonder Lilane is the final standard level of Kirby: Canvas Curse and is divided into three sections. Frozen Fantasy, Mad Mechanism, and Spectacle Space are three of the nine elements of this harrowing adventure, which all present an unexpected challenge from a once family-friendly franchise.

Kirby can acquire Copy Abilities in Frozen Fantasy, but these are difficult to keep a hold of in later areas, especially if the map is unblemished. Both Mad Mechanism and Spectacle Space are hampered by the players' ink since Kirby has little to no ground to lean on.

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror - 4 Mustard Mountain

Mustard Mountain appears to be harmless and peaceful, but upon exploration, Kirby discovers an active volcano filled with lava, which is somewhat unexpected from Kirby's previous experience with mountainous terrain, but still poses a challenge in level design.

Kirby's main challenge is evading hazards and following a one-way door system, which is straightforward to follow. If an item is missed, the entire level will have to be replayed, as this appears to be a common theme in Kirby games.

Stage Four of 3 Green Grounds - Kirby Mass Attack

Kirby is accompanied by at least two clones to complete Stage Four of Green Grounds, which is set in two underground caverns. Of course, this area is much easier depending on how many Kirby clones join the adventure, but with a requirement of three, its easy to assume it can be completed with the minimum.

There isnt anything that would make this level appear particularly difficult. However, keeping every Kirby clone in line at the end of Kirby: Mass Attack is problematic. This is why it's so important not to lose any in small levels like this one.

2 City Trial - Kirby Air Ride

The game mode City Trial is one of three available in Kirby Air Ride, and is admittedly the most difficult. Two to four Kirbys are challenged with navigating a large, inhabited cityscape on air ride machines. Along the way, boxes, food, and additional air ride machines are scattered across several sections of the city.

A glitch occurs every two to five minutes during the trial, ranging from blanketing the screen with fog or fire-stricken buildings or railway stations, making them virtually impossible to use. This is because to the sheer amount of things to collect to progress in these levels, and the frustration makes it even harder to gel with this title.

1 Volatile Volcano - Kirby: Canvas Curse

The title, Kirby: Canvas Curse's seventeenth stage, is without doubt the most frustrating aspect. Through this level, Kirby must avoid large expanses of magma while defeating enemies, being shot from canons, and being whipped around the map by a somewhat dangerous mechanical arm.

Players are saved from a Game Over by a well-timed line, but it's difficult to keep up with Kirby's whereabouts due to how many flashing graphics dominate the screen during this level. This one, though, heavily relies on the player's knowledge of the site and careful use of ink.