The 60th Anniversary Blu-ray Steelbook for 'Dr. No' Reimagines James Bond Fans Back to 1962

The 60th Anniversary Blu-ray Steelbook for 'Dr. No' Reimagines James Bond Fans Back to 1962 ...

Bond James Bond, one of the most famous films in cinema history, has been putting out all the stops to make Dr. No a memory for any 007 fan in 2022.

With all the colored dots dancing to the iconic Bond theme, the new edition comes in a nice box set packaging. A similar design is on the steelbook itself which has two huge red dots wrapped around it. It's a simple yet effective design that you can hear as fans first encountered that catchy musical theme.

The film contains all of the classic theatrical poster, a new 32-page booklet, four lobby card reproductions with included envelopes, and a buildable board figure of the iconic dragon tank from the film. There are also many other features that have been included in previous releases, such as audio commentary from director Terence Young and star Sean Connery, and a documentary called Inside Dr. No.

Dr. No might not be what we think of when we imagine 007, but it's what we have to thank for introducing moviegoers to the world of James Bond. From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Goldeneye, and Casino Royale, it's actually a better alternative when compared to other popular series like it.

There are so many recognizable moments that became the focus of many more memorable 007 missions, whether it be the villains' menacing entrance, Bonds' first scene, or Connery's outstanding performance.

Bond is certainly more popular than he is ever been following the release of Daniel Craig's final 007 film No Time to Die last year. However, this new steelbook for Dr. No is now available for pre-order for $37 and is set to be released on October 5th, which is now known as James Bond Day.

Below are some photos of the anticipated Steelbook: