10 Things About Netflix's Umbrella Academy From The Comics

10 Things About Netflix's Umbrella Academy From The Comics ...

The Umbrella Academy, a Netflix film based on the comic book series of the same name, has been well-known for its varied changes. New viewers have flocked to the series due to more diverse characters and character arcs, many of whom have appreciated and appreciated them due to the lovingly crafted representation of each of the Hargreeves siblings' backgrounds.

Despite the changes, The Umbrella Academy has managed to preserve the style and flavor that made the comic series so popular in the first place. Show writers just tweaked it a bit.

10 The Dallas Arc

The Vietnam War and the Dallas Arc are more prominent in the comics. Luther, Klaus, and Diego are all going back in time to prevent John F. Kennedy's assassination by the Majestic 12 group. In the show Five and Allison are emailed by The Commission to assassinate Kennedy. Luther, Diego, and Klaus are both fighting in the Vietnam War to pass the time after miscalculating their time travel.

Klaus develops a nightclub and a cult during this time. Unlike the show, Klaus' lover David never appears nor does Klaus show any signs of PTSD. Luther, Klaus, and Diego also try to raise an ancient emperor from the dead and then decide it wasn't the right decision. In the comics, that is.

9 Hazel, Cha Cha, and Time Travel

Hazel and Cha Cha are the popular hired guns from the 1980s. Their characters are much cooler and sadistic in the comics. One of which is a fondness for sugary foods. In fact, they appear a bit later after the White Violin is defeated.

However, Hazel and Cha Cha Cha are seen torturing Agnes along with a cook for not revealing a secret pie recipe. This is more a passively mentioned thing in the comics than in the show where it plays a major antagonistic role. They also manage to initiate a second apocalypse.

8 Diego and Vanya

In the comics, Diego had a thing for Vanya. They were quite close until Vanya wrote her tell-all book. Also, Diego and Vanya were part of a punk rock band called the Prime 8s. Their drummer was a monkey.

Luther and Allison had a long-running connection since childhood, although Allison actually used her powers on Luther to make him fall in love with her.

7 More Monkeys

In the comics, there were more monkeys like 'Pogo,' which is truly the worst change since there could have been more talking monkeys. In fact, Eudora Patch (Diego's former flame) used to be an old guy named Inspector Lupo who used a talking monkey companion.

Eudora gives Diego more motivation to avoid retaliation and aids in his overall character development in season 1, it would have been nice if she had a monkey companion.

6 Mystical Creatures

There were many strange things floating around the world in the comics. There are vampires, an ancient emperor mummy, and the Eiffel Tower basically becomes a Gundam zombie. Luther doesn't have a mutated version of his own body, instead his head was placed on a gorilla martian body.

When a toy manufacturer made a complete representation of it in a plush toy that sang "Happy Birthday," there was even a sea serpent that went on a rampage of vengeance. Don't forget the super smart talking monkeys.

5 Luther and Five Were Twins

In the comics, it is surprising to see that Five and Luther were actually twins from the same mother. Of course, Luther ages normally while Five returns younger due to time travel.

Five and Luther are assumed to be different individuals in the program. Yet, they might have had the same experience, but just as fraternal twins, it may be a thing. The Netflix series may make this canon, but their interactions are quite enjoyable.

4 Vanya, Leonard, and The Conductor

Through the coaxing and railroading of Leonard Peabody, Vanya became the villain of Season One of the series. Peabody basically exploits Vanya's depression and childhood trauma to manipulate her mind and her abilities.

Vanya however had a different person influencing her in the comics. At the beginning of the Apocalypse Suite, Vanya is captured and brainwashed by a villain known as The Conductor.

3 Klaus' Afterlife Experience

Klaus was a member of a group that left him temporarily deceased. After being captured and tortured by Hazel and Cha Cha, he passed on for a while after being shot post torture. In this supposed afterlife or limbo that he found himself in (in the show), he encounters a little girl on a bicycle.

It alludes to the fact that she is a plausible god figure, and it did indeed result in a pleasant exchange between the two, mostly on Klaus' end. However, Klaus does encounter another deity in the disguise of a cowboy, who is quite...opinionated. In more ways than one.

2 Different Superpowers

The abilities that each sibling possessed were quite similar to those displayed in the show. However, most of the siblings had additional abilities that they are well-known for in the series. Vanya's powers, however, were not as powerful as they were in the show originally. The intention was probably to make their character more of a threat in the Apocalypse Suite.

Allison was originally capable of deciphering reality from just implying it. Klaus has a unique ability to sense the water, which made his alter ego, The Kraken, seem to make more sense. In the anime, the commission melded his DNA to that of an assassin. Which made him a much more powerful killing machine.

1 Ben?

What fan doesn't like the recurring clash between Klaus and his deceased sibling and member of The Umbrella Academy? Ben Hargreeves, at least in the comics. Fans have loved the bond between the two brothers that is angel on Klaus' shoulder, both because to the extra eccentricity that IS Klaus.

Ben was mentioned and mentioned in a few flashbacks, but in the series, he is seen as a dead adult. More fans than not have enjoyed Ben.