In Cookie Run Kingdom, How to Change Servers

In Cookie Run Kingdom, How to Change Servers ...

Many players are excited to get involved and have a good time playing Cookie Run Kingdom with friends. However, before making a decision, you should first consider whether or not to change the server you're locked to.

Changing your Cookie Run Kingdom server

The unfortunate consequence for those who have played Cookie Run Kingdom for a long time is that you cannot change servers without completely deleting your account. It is unknown whether this will be a future feature, although considering the addition of two new servers, it might make sense for Devsisters to include it. However, for the time being, you must delete all of your progress, including your impressive clear of Cookie Run Kingdom's 12-30 level.

So, how do I do it for those who wish to delete their account or change their server? It's really as simple as stated. All you need do is delete your existing account and uninstall the game on your device. Once that is done, restart the game and re-register. No need for an additional e-mail or password.

If you haven't completed the previous step yet, you may be wondering which server to migrate to. Pure Vanilla was the first server and thus has the most players and experienced players as well, making it a challenging terrain to start a brand-new account. The same goes for the Hollyberry server to a lesser extent, as it is the most recent and most new player friendly server.

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