Locally, Sega Genesis Mini 2 stock is expected to be in short supply

Locally, Sega Genesis Mini 2 stock is expected to be in short supply ...

If you're hoping to get a Sega Genesis Mini 2 when it arrives in North America this October, you should definitely act fast.

This system, which includes over 50 classic games, including Sega CD titles, is expected to be in short supply. Ars Technica spoke with Sega's main office and received confirmation the Mega Drive Mini 2 would only be produced in "small numbers due to the worldwide semiconductor shortage."

As a result, it's a "Japan-only project". While the company will produce a "small" batch of Genesis Mini 2 for the North American market here in the West, availability is expected to be significantly less than the previous Genesis Mini.

"The total number of units for this project is about one-tenth of the number for the previous Genesis Mini."

If you've been following tech supply shortages, this news isn't all that surprising. Just last month, Sega's classic hardware producer Yosuke Okunari warned that the Mega Drive Mini 2's manufacturing would be "much lower" due to supply concerns and the increased cost of components.

The Mega Drive Mini 2 isn't yet available in Europe, but you can read more about the North American version in our previous article:

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On October 27, will you include this system to your Mini collection? Please share your thoughts below.

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