Brock Davies of Vanderpump Rules Updates His Expat Kids On His And Scheana Shays Relationship Before Their Wedding

Brock Davies of Vanderpump Rules Updates His Expat Kids On His And Scheana Shays Relationship Before ...

Scheana Shays' relationship with his boyfriend-turned-fiance Brock Davies dominated throughout the ninth season of Vanderpump Rules, and it wasnt always beautiful. He admitted on-camera that he hadn't seen his two children from a previous relationship in four years at that point. Their co-star, Lala Kent, later explained that the real reason for his estrangement was due to him having a history of domestic violence with the mother. Davies has provided an update on the previously difficult relationship ahead of his

Scheana Shay was thought to be assisting in phone conversations between Brock Davies and his ex on Vanderpump Rules, but she seemed to be open to hearing other women's viewpoints. Davies said at the time that the only thing stopping him from reuniting with his children was paying off the child support he still owed.

We've been able to connect with the children. We just have to work on it slowly. It's on the kids' terms and their mothers. They're definitely interested in having us around and be involved and they're actually increasing. That's the best part.

Scheana Shay, who once admitted that Brock Davies' past was riddled with red flags, said of recently that her half-siblings to her and Brock Davies' 14-month-old daughter Summer Moon were invited to the nuptials. It does not appear as certain because Shay continued that it was a lot that needed to be addressed after the fact.

We'll get there eventually. And when we return home, we'll celebrate with them.

Scheana Shay said in 2021 that she and her beau planned their wedding to be a major event initially in Bali, where they met when they first met, and that the cast has obviously remained engaged. It's unclear if all cast members are still invited following the finale of Season 9, or if that has changed as well following the drama of Season 9.

The likelihood that the big I dos will be shot for Vanderpump Rules is a separate story in and of itself. Previously, the bride-to-be had said she was open to it, but that the production schedule might make it a standalone wedding special in the Bravo tradition. The couple told ET that, currently, they do not know what the game play is.

Season 10 of VR has been approved by the network in the grand scheme of things. According to reports, the same cast as last year are all returning. However, Lala Kent eventually called off her own engagement due to Randall Emmetts' alleged cheating and other worrying behaviors.

The infamous prodigies of Lisa Vanderpump and their plotlines should have a lot on the line, and Brock Davies's separation from his children is only the tip of the iceberg. Catch up on previous seasons of Vanderpump Rules with a Peacock Premium subscription. Theres also more to come in the 2022 TV schedule!