5 Times I Agreed With Abby... And 5 Times I Agreed With The Moms

5 Times I Agreed With Abby... And 5 Times I Agreed With The Moms ...

Abby Lee Miller is a complex person. The dance moms star is well-known for her innovative choreography and unconventional teaching methods as well as her eight-month sentence for concealing her earnings from the program.

Abby was always fun to think about. It all had to do with producer tricks and creative editing, right? However, Maddie Zieglers 2022 interview with Cosmopolitan claims she has had to unravel a lot of the harmful lessons Abby taught her. She has also revealed that she hasn't spoken to Abby since she left Dance Moms in 2016.

All that being said, the dance moms at the ALDC aren't exactly hard at work. Say what you will about Abby, but there are many occasions on the program where I have to stand up for her. Here are five instances when I agreed with the dance moms and five times with Abby.

Holly Explains The Negative Stereotypes In Nias Dances (Season 1, Episode 7) AGREE WITH THE MOMS

Holly and her daughter, Nia, are often the subject of Abby's multicultural dances. When Nia gets the solo They Call Me Laquifa (based on Shangela, a drag queen from RuPaul's Drag Race, which is getting a sequel), Holly hits a snag.

Abby's argument for Nia's ethnic dances is always that she wants her daughter to be able to dance in any style, at any audition. She does not want her daughter to be stereotyped or part of promoting misogynistic stereotypes about people of color.

Abby is unable to appreciate Holly's point of view and becomes hostile. It's a tone-deaf and disconcerting response on Abby's part, and I certainly agree with Holly.

Abby Takes Credit for Sophia Lucia (Season 3, Episode 3) AGREE WITH THE MOMS

Sophia Lucia, a California turn dancer who went viral for her turn videos, holds the Guiness World Record for consecutive pirouettes.

Abby's goal is always to enthuse her dancers into working harder, but she does so by revealing to the girls how superior Sophia's dancing is to theirs. She trained six dancers at the ALDC who couldn't keep up with her.

In the dressing room, Chloe's mother Christi has some great words for Abby:

Chloe is a product of you. She has been at your studio since she was two. You are a plagiarist. That little girl is somebody elses student and you just put your name on her.

Abby isn't making a great comeback, because that's true!

Abby Wants Chloe To Start Homeschooling (Season 4, Episode 5) AGREE WITH THE MOMS

Melissa tells moms at the start of Season 4 that her daughters, Maddie and Mackenzie, have begun homeschooling to allow more time for dance.

Abby notices the positive influence homeschooling has had on their education and urges Christi to encourage Chloe to do the same. The mothers have a lot of concerns, especially Holly (a former teacher and principal).

Chloe replies that she loves dancing, but she also loves school, and she wants to keep the parts of life that are normal to her. This one goes to the mothers.

Abby Brings In A New Team (Season 4, Episode 16) AGREE WITH THE MOMS

Abby's catchphrase is that everyone is interchangeable and gets a lot of mileage during Season 4 of Dance Moms when she begins auditioning dancers for a new team to compete against the Elite Competition Team.

Meanwhile, the girls are working harder than ever to convince Abby that they dont need to be replaced, leading to a 13-week winning streak.

Abby sends the new team into the game despite their winning run. The mothers are irritated, and rightly so. Do you think 13 straight victories demonstrate their girls' dedication and talent? In the season finale, Abby dismisses all of the Select team members, proving that all of them had been just pawns in her scare tactics.

Mackenzies Hip Hop Solo (Season 6, Episode 16) AGREE WITH THE MOMS

Melissa finally announces that she and her daughters will leave the ALDC in Season 6. When Mackenzie is ready to perform what might be her final solo, Abby assigns her an acrobatic routine.

Mackenzie asks Abby to perform a hip-hop routine, but Abby replies that she does not need to do a solo if she isn't satisfied with the choreography. Against Abby's wishes, the mothers change Mackenzie's music and choreography to a hip-hop solo.

Mackenzie is absolutely stupendous. She takes the top spot in her career. Abby ruined the chance to collaborate on a special dance with one of her all-time favorite students.

ABBY'S AGREE: Abby Gets The Silent Treatment (Season 3, Episode 2)

Abby makes the decision to fill the girls spots after Kelly and her daughters leave the ALDC at the start of Season 3. To stand in solidarity with Kelly, the mothers organize a peaceful protest, and by that I mean they give Abby the quiet treatment.

It's a childish and counterproductive behavior that will certainly assist Kelly in re-uniting him with the team. Im on Abbys side here. Nothing good can come from the silent treatment.

After Broadway Baby's death, the mothers change the group dance (Season 3, Episode 9) to AGREE WITH ABBY

Abby's beloved dog, Broadway Baby, has died. The mothers propose to transform the group dance into a memorial to the pup.

Abby is displeased that the mothers did something different with her choreography. They should have known better. As a fellow person who considers my pets to be my babies, I must say that messing with that woman's vision following her dogs death was a recipe for disaster.

Abby Puts Payton In Her Place (Season 3, Episode 35) AGREE WITH ABBY

Payton, one of Abby's studio dancers, is often invited to join the group when they need an extra for a group number. Thats the case in this Season 3 episode, where Payton joins the team during one of Kelly, Brooke, and Paiges' many hiatuses.

Abby accidentally calls Payton Kendall in the dressing room, after which Payton announces her name to the room, basically urging everyone to do their thing right.

Abby slams Payton for being disrespectful and immature, but this was just one of many examples of Payton being superior to the other girls.

ABBY: The White Board (Season 4, Episode 27)

There aren't many times you'll notice me disagreeing with Dr. Holly, but the white board incident is one of them.

Holly is attempting to keep track of the negative comments each dancer receives during rehearsals. What starts as a small list in the Christis notes app turns into a massive white board with each dancer's name.

The board distracts the girls and disrupts the class. While I disagree with many of Abby's teaching methods, she makes a good point when confronting the mothers: They signed up to work with Abby, not the other way around. If the girls dont like what she teaches, they are more than welcome to seek out another teacher.

Abby Gives JoJo The Michael Jackson Duet As A Solo (Season 6, Episode 14) AGREE WITH ABBY

JoJo Siwa was a member of the ALDC before becoming an international sensation and judge on So You Think You Can Dance.

Abby assigns a duet to Kendall and Maddie during a Michael Jackson week. But when Maddie misses rehearsal for a gig, JoJo comes in to take her place. Kendall isnt happy about it, she wants to do the duet with Maddie, her best friend.

Abby assures Kendall that if she does not want to do the duet with JoJo, then JoJo may perform the dance as a solo. Jill is enraged, accusing JoJo's mother, Jessalynn, of failing to prevent Abby from giving Kendalls duet.

Abby is my 100% opinion. JoJo was selected for the solo because Kendall wanted it. She was willing to give the choreography her all. JoJo did nothing wrong, and she merited a solo no matter who the dance was intended for.

Was your opinion? Did you miss any big fights? Seasons 1 through 8 of Dance Moms are now available on Lifetime, with many more to discuss.