In Indonesia, Epic Games, Steam, and are all restricted

In Indonesia, Epic Games, Steam, and are all restricted ...

Following a failure to register with Kominfo, Indonesia has now banned access to popular game streaming services such as Epic Games and Steam.

Team Secret, a Philippine company, announced that Steam, Epic Games, and have been banned in Indonesia, as well as several other internet services such as PayPal. These companies have not registered with Kominfo, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in Indonesia, thus their access to the country has been restricted.

In Indonesia, Steam, PayPal, Battlenet, Epic Games, and other services have been banned.

The KominfosPrivate Electronic System Providers website lists that currently, 8276 private PSE are registered. Of that collection, there are 8,069 domestic PSE and 207 foreign ones. Organisations must register with Kominfo in order to have services available in Indonesia, or they will be issued a formal warning, followed by a monetary fine, and ultimately access termination. Steam, Epic Games, and, both have lost their gaming services because of a lack of registration.

Other gaming services are in danger of being blocked in Indonesia in the near future. According to the PSE website, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and Origin failed to register when writing this article.