Team BDS are the first team to be eliminated from contention for the LEC Summer Playoffs in 2022

Team BDS are the first team to be eliminated from contention for the LEC Summer Playoffs in 2022 ...

As the 2022 LEC Summer Split comes to an end, the top of the standings continues to be contested by many teams hoping to clinch a coveted spot in the Playoffs. The hopes of one team to qualify have been broken again, this time in the LEC's first year.

Team BDS has been eliminated from competition for the 2022 LEC Summer Playoffs following their defeat today to Fnatic. They are currently 1-12 and cannot compete for a playoff spot, but they can continue to build wins in the last two weeks of the split to take them out of last place.

After Week 6, the #LEC Summer standings are as follows: 1) #MADWIN (10-3)2) #RGEWIN (8-5)-) #VITWIN (8-5)4) #G2WIN (7-6)-) #XLWIN (7-6)7) #ASTWIN (6-7)-) #FNCWIN (6-7)9) #BDSWIN (1-12) = eliminated from playoff contention.

Team BDS had a seat at Schalke 04 for $31.54 million for the first time this year in the LEC, which now includes participation in several European gaming leagues, including Rainbow Six: Siege and League of Legends.

Most of the team's first year has consisted of promising freshmen, many of whom had started their careers in the ERL, while others planned to continue their LEC careers with the club in 2023. It is unclear how BDS will prepare for the 2023 Spring Split.

BDS successfully defeated G2 Esports in their only Summer Split victory, bringing them into the second week of the split. Throughout the entirety of this game, BDS found ways to catch G2 off-guard, focusing on objectives to keep them from ruining their gameplay. Yesterday, G2 gained a victory over BDS, continuing their rise in the standings.

BDS struggled to beat Fnatic, who are currently tied for seventh in the standings with Astralis, putting them at the end of their Playoff dreams this year. The team will have to make changes for the 2023 Spring Split, but they still have the chance to improve their standings over the next few weeks.