What is DEADROP and what is it?

What is DEADROP and what is it? ...

In the last several years, esports organizations and content creators have made significant advances outside of just playing video games. From fashion to sports, television, and music, the people who are the most well-known people in the world now are some of the most well-known personalities in pop culture.

These organizations and creators have recently branched into game development, attempting to assist in the development of the next popular games that can be streamed and esports sensations rather than waiting for the next big thing. That includes big organizations like 100 Thieves, who announced the first phases of Project X earlier this year.

Dr Disrespect, a former Call of Dutydev, has always remained open about his games. Now, the Doc has put his money where his mouth is by unveiled his first game:DEADROP.

/// #DEADROP #MidnightSociety: /// Initiating @DEADROPThe first Vertical Extraction Shooter /// #DEADROP #MidnightSociety

So here's all we know so far about the game.

What is DEADROP?

The first Vertical Extraction Shooter described by Dr Disrespect and his studio, Midnight Society, isEscape from Tarkov. Most extraction shooters follow a gameplay pattern similar to battle royales; players load into the map in search of looting weapons and other in-game items.

Once a player or team has discovered all of the items they've been looking for, they go to extraction points. Leaving the map means that the player retains the loot they've collected while on the map, while dying before that point usually means they lose the progress made during the game.

The vertical portion ofDEADROP appears to be what its creators believe is what sets it apart from other extraction shooters, and that becomes even clearer when considering the game's title, a skull with a downwards arrow, as well as the huge buildings that accompany them. Players will have to climb and descend these structures rather than traversing open plains and through dense forests.

These buildings are named Refiner States in the game's lore, and the players will be tasked with collecting Space Dust, a drug created from refined pollutants collected from the stratosphere. There will be many factions players will either play as or battle against, including the Skins, Syns, and Cleaners.

In a blog post, the studio stated that DEADROP's ultimate gameplay objective would be arena shooter level design that maximizes battle royale's player numbers while still capturing the intense emotion of extraction shooter sessions.

Does DEADROP have NFTs?

DEADROPdoes include NFTs. While the game is still in a fairly early stage of development, it has already sold a set of Founders Passes. These Founders Passes included an NFT character that serves as the Founder members character in DEADROP. These characters haveVisorCortexes, which are the minted and procedurally-generated portion of these characters that will be unique to each person who purchases a Founders Pass.

Variants in the Midnight Society's lingo are named Founders Passes. According to Midnight Society, additional access passes will be available as time goes on, adding new Variants to their ranks, and the NFT portion of these access passes is made using environment-friendly NFT technology.