Knut criticizes Esfand for not putting in the effort at Camp Knut

Knut criticizes Esfand for not putting in the effort at Camp Knut ...

Camp Knut was broadcast on Mizkifs' Twitch account yesterday, and Knut himself chastises Esfand, a fellow streamer, for not putting in as much effort as the other participants.

Camp Knut is a month-long training camp hosted by Twitchcontent creator Knut, featuring Mizkif, Tectone, Nmplol, Cyr, Erobb, and guest appearances from Rich Campbell and Esfand.

Knut said while grading the Esfands' performances at the camp so far, hes walking away, standing, on his phone, using way too much time and not pushing himself in the set to the extent Ive tried to get him to do.

Esfand's effort level was discussed during a segment of the stream in which the two workout hosts, Knut and Wake, gave ratings from one to 10. The specific category was intensity, so it was a surprise to viewers and Wake when the camps namesake gave Esfand a two for his intensity level so far at Camp Knut.

Some viewers of the event agree with Knut, believing that, while brutally honest, the Twitch star tells the truth about Esfand and his work ethic so far.

Camp Knut will be continuing for another three weeks, and its six main competitors show no signs of giving up on the training or dietary restrictions they face.