VALORANT'S WAY OF BEING ASTR: Abilities, Ultimate, and Tips

VALORANT'S WAY OF BEING ASTR: Abilities, Ultimate, and Tips ...

Astra is a Ghanaian controller agent who has an incredible amount of skill to the tactical shooter. Once players figured out her abilities, she became overpowered.

When it comes to playing as Astra, there is a lot to learn, let alone master her. You need a galaxy brain to be proficient with her, just this handy guide.

As Astra, the newest Agent in VALORANT, she's already got everything planned out. Find out more at

Astral Form

Astra's Astral Form is the primary foundation of her abilities, since she is able to travel anywhere to put down Stars on any flat surface. These Stars are what allow her to use her actual abilities, and this is why she differs from many of the other agents.

Instead of buying each ability separately at the start of the round, you purchase the Stars instead at 150 credits each, but you start with one free Star each round. This gives you a ton of flexibility and options when it comes to using her abilities, which we will discuss below.

While in Astral Form, your body remains unchanged while your form travels around the map. Your body is not invulnerable, and any damage will take you out of it. While in Astral Form, you may place your Stars anywhere along the map, even putting them on one side of the map while you are defending or attacking another.

Speaking of utility, here's what I've learned from this exercise.

How to use Astras Stars

Gravity Well draws any player into the center of the well before it explodes, causing any caught players to become vulnerable for five seconds. Nebula is an Astras smoke ability that emits a purple smoke.

If you have purchased enough Stars, you may cast one Gravity Well, one Nova Pulse, and/or two Nebulas in a round. Each ability has a cooldown of ten seconds, allowing you to use it multiple times in a row.

When recovering a previously placed Star, it will deploy a fake Nebula that lasts only a couple of seconds before returning, nowhere as long as a real smoke.

Astras Ultimate Cosmic Divide

When your ultimate is charged, you may activate Astras' Cosmic Divide ability. Enter Astral Form, right-click to switch to Cosmic Divide, then left-click twice to select the direction you want the infinite Cosmic Divide wall to go. Players may pass through the wall, but their bullets may still be hurt.

Playing as Astra

Astras abilities are a cosmic amalgamation of several other agent abilities, and she may place them anywhere on the map thanks to her Astral Form. This gives her a lot of versatility as an Attacker and Defender.

On the Attacking side, she can smoke off two paths or sightlines while collapsing another out of a hiding spot at the same time. Lastly, she doesn't need to be in Astral Form to activate the Stars once they're on the ground, thus she can use her abilities while she's away from the shot.

For Attackers, her abilities are difficult to get past due to since each ability has a reset timer, so she might theoretically fire the same point off five times in a row in the round since patch 4.04, making Star placement at the beginning of a round a much more critical decision.

Her gravity may be paired with a Killjoy grenade or a Viper Snakebite, causing a vulnerable player to get stuck in the destructive area. When paired with a strong initiator or sentinel, she can get a lot of value out of every Star she places.

Astras is one of the best zoning options out there, allowing you to close many entrances and hiding areas without being hurt or overlooked. Cosmic Divide may also be a great post-plant defensive strategy.

Astra has fallen out and out of the meta as players redefine her role and her strengths, yet there is no doubt that her gear is unique and powerful in the right hands.

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