Elden Ring, a Twitch streamer, wins in a week without a hand

Elden Ring, a Twitch streamer, wins in a week without a hand ...

Elden Ring is the hardest game to master or beat for many gamers. FromSoftware is well-known for its difficult games, and Elden Ring is no exception. Building up a character, learning and adapting to the various moves and forms that these enemies possess, and dying. Lots and lots of dying.

Elden Ring isn't enough of a challenge for some players. Some of these players try to win the game by intentionally bad builds, beginner gear, or by handicapping themselves some other way.

MissMikkaa, a streamer, has decided she would not take on Elden Ring with just one hand.

Elden Beast killed and finished the All Remembrance (all hard bosses) one handed run! I actually got the last boss on the first attempt with my left hand (I'm right handed), which is a pretty good result.

After six days of streaming the self-imposed challenge, MissMikka completed her one-handed Elden Ring run today. Remember how long and months it took you to complete the game? Well, it took her less than a week.

MissMikka figured out a method on her controller where she used her thumb and palm to manipulate both sticks while tapping the buttons, bumpers, and triggers on the right side of the controller. Perhaps even more impressively, she sometimes switched hands during the playthrough, never using both hands at the same time, but still clearing some of the games' toughest bosses with the same dominant hand she happened to be using at the time.

She also installed a hand cam to monitor the controller at all times, and covered the controller's other hand with an oven mitt or a sock in order to protect her from accidentally touching the controller at any time.

Let this be a lesson to you: not only can you defeat all the bosses in Elden Ring, but it's also possible to defeat them all one-handed. It only takes some practice and dedication.