In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, how do you farm Nopon Coins?

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, how do you farm Nopon Coins? ...

Xenoblade Chronicles is a role-playing game that allows you to explore the vast world of Aionios and win big prizes. There are two types of Nopon: Gold and Silver, which are both much more valuable and difficult to acquire.

How to get Silver and Gold Nopon Coins in XC3

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you'll discover containers that have some Nopon Coins. There are other, more deadly ways to acquire Coins, such as defeating some menacing monsters. So, be prepared for tough fights in XC3.

The best way to accumulate enough Nopon Coins is to vanquishe unique monsters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. These are tough cookies, so make sure you're strong enough to fight them. You'll earn some Nopon Coins when you defeat them, but only once, so farming coins by killing one creature repeatedly is out.

In Monster Skirmishes, you have a chance to resolve certain conflicts by choosing which side you want to assist. Each side has its advantages, and one of them will reward you with Nopon Coins. As you can receive other rewards from regular fights, always choose Coin.

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you can earn Nopon Coins by completing quests. This is an excellent way to get this particular currency, but not every quest rewards you with it. But you're an adventurer, and rewards aren't that important; you can always check your journal to see what reward you'll get for your troubles.

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, how do I get my Nopon coins?

Nopon Coins may be used for Nopon Coin X-change or for upgrading characters. Each character may hold a maximum of 99 Nopon Coins, so make sure to spend them before purchasing more.

  • Trading Silver and Gold Nopon Coins at Nopon Coin X-change is the best way of using this currency. This way, you'll get items that boost your heroes' skills, so try to keep most of the coins for this.
  • You can always cook some coins if you're hungry! Like gem crafting, you can prepare some meals even if you don't have some ingredients by throwing some Silver Nopon Coins in the food. Bon appetit!
  • Crafting gems is very important in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, so it's good to have some Gold Nopon Coins to help you prepare. You can use these coins instead of the materials you need for some gem.
  • You can use Nopon Coins to level up your characters' class levels. You can do this simply by fighting and solving quests, so don't waste Silver for this if it's not essential.
  • You can complete some Collectopaedia requests by using Nopon Coins.